Hello, lovely Anons! We do indeed have some Truth or Dare fics for you:

Truth or Dare by lizleminem

(2,053 Teen Complete)

Stiles expects him to be tense and uncomfortable. This is Derek after all, perpetually frowning, and always fed up with everything. What he doesn’t expect is for Derek to rock his hips in a way that absolutely should not be legal. He’s moving slowly, looking absolutely relaxed, his movements smooth and certain as his hips rock and his ass shakes.

Stiles is more than a little distracted and actually a little afraid he’s going to start drooling. He can see Derek’s stomach muscles working through the worn fabric of his t-shirt and it’s so much hotter than it should be.

Truth or Dare by Dira Sudis (aka dsudis)

(2,700 Teen Complete)

When Stiles said, “Hey, let’s play truth or dare,” Derek swallowed the anticipation of pain and humiliation and said, “Okay.”

Spin the Bottle by Onlymystory

(2,959 Mature Complete)

A pack party soon descends into a game of Spin the Bottle where first Jackson, then Erica, are surprised to discover just how good of a kisser Stiles is. When the game switches to Truth or Dare, Derek steps in to make Stiles an offer he hopes can’t be refused.

What The Hell by xxxAthaelaxxx

(3,173 General Complete)

Derek Hale has a new pack. The teens always fight, never get along and disrespect each other. Stiles suggests they go on a camping trip to work out their issues. Will the pack change or kill each other before its over?

Truth or Dare? by fangirlsupreme

(3,717 General Complete)

Stiles is determined to make the pack trust each other and work together whether they like it or not, and what’s more perfect to build trust and friendship then a nice friendly game of truth or dare?

Truth or Derek by DistantShores

(5,806 Explicit Complete)

A rousing game of truth or dare amongst the McCall pack leads to something more.

Triple Dog Dare. by TheBadassIsIn

(7,316 Mature Complete Mates)

It started off pretty simple. Full moon meeting, not enough snacks, Derek being a douche. Ha, alliteration! Then Lydia had to put down her book and do that scary, smile with the eyes thing she was so good at. “Why don’t we play a game?” This was either going to be awesome or they were all going to die as a result. Basically your average night with the pack.

Body Shots Series by SaltySweetLicorice

(total of 7,865 Mature WIP Chubby!Stiles & Kink, Body Appreciation)

An evening of Truth or Dare featuring whipped cream and body shots leads Stiles to the startling realization that Derek (the broody object of his unrequited desires for almost a year now) is not, in fact, turned off by his extra weight, but actually likes it - a lot. Who knew?

The truth about love (comes at 3 AM) by Finduilas

(9,587 Explicit Complete)

When the pack gets locked in at Derek’s new loft during a snowstorm, they play ‘truth or dare’ to pass the time.

Key To My Broken Heart by ScarletBane

(12,840 Not Rated (Angsty Says: Teen) Complete Cheating)

Derek Hale is a senior in Beacon Hill’s High School who has absolutely given up all hope in love. Stiles Stilinski is a sophomore in Beacon Hill’s High School and is totally certain of love at first sight.