The Student-Teacher Relationship: Love Conquers All



  Love. It may seem too cheesy for anyone who already gave up on it, but remember that it is also what fate has pulled together to make you feel butterflies in your stomach. The feeling of knowing your soul mate would be so unforgettable.  It’s like the world doesn’t seem to matter at all. But what if you fall in love with the person you’re not supposed to be with? How would you know if he/she is the wrong one? Would you base something you deem so special from the views of other people’s opinions? One of the many cases such as this is the student-teacher relationship. We believe that it should be acceptable if and only if both parties know how to respect the differences of their occupation. When looking through this subject carefully, we are able to prove that, indeed, love conquers all.

          The stand suggests that such relationships are acceptable if professionalism between both parties is shown. Well, how about we flip the coin and know more about what lies beyond? We could see a vivid picture that even until now, our society still sees this relationship questionable. In Article VIII Section VII of the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers in the Philippines, it is stated that mutual attraction and subsequent love between a teacher and a student is punishable by law. Furthermore, “every teacher shall exercise utmost professional discretion to avoid scandal, gossip, and preferential treatment of the learner.” Even without the knowledge of such, it would not be a casual issue for us to see a man or woman having an intimate relationship with someone not having the same status in life. For example, we have a classmate having a relationship with our professor, what would be the first thing that would come up in our minds? Honestly, since we are not accustomed to accept this kind of relationship, we tend to think negative things not only to the educator, but also to the student.  But the bottom line is, the other side of the coin could either just become an ornament on how we see things or the main design that could capture and affect the way we think.

          A student-teacher relationship in the romantic aspect is something that possesses unequal conditions bearing with the fact that a teacher is superior to a student and such attachments may abuse one’s superiority or inferiority over the other and that it can be unethical to both parties, which could destroy their respective careers. As Paul Lennon, a Boston educational lawyer, said to a local news network: “The student-teacher relationship is inherently an uneven one and fraught with peril.”

          Students’ and teachers’ worlds are totally different from one another.  In a student’s life, studies and grades are what matters. His life basically revolves around his academics – undergoing the progress that will lead him to his future career; while in a teacher’s life, they only need to maintain their professionalism, because they have already gone through experiences that has trained them to be an educator. The teacher may have already gone through what the student is still experiencing at the moment, but he still has more to learn, which he can also get from the student. Therefore, what the student gains, one way or another, it has its effect on the teacher. The two being together is a rare, unique sight especially in the judgmental world today. It is easy to be discriminated just by little things or mistakes, so how much more a relationship with someone you are forbidden to be with? Many relationships have had their happily-ever-afters because of their determination to keep the special bond, regardless of their background differences, age, occupation, or whatever the excuses the world is trying to reason out to keep them apart. Unlike the many wasted relationships that have been broken merely because of their insecurity and lack of confidence to face the odds, the case of the student-teacher love can also have a happy ending if only they are willing to be together no matter what, even if it means going against society’s standards.

          The start of this brewing romance begins within school grounds. It is because this is the place where their meeting takes place. Usually, teachers who fall in these situations are the fresh, young ones. Still young as they are, they can be very good-looking, and of course we can’t miss out their physical features: the fully-developed face, body, height and also, their sense of fashion. Students tend to like their teacher by basing on their attitude and the way the teacher approaches them. On the other hand, in the teacher’s situation, they can like a student if they are attracted either by their looks or intellect when they see them during or outside class hours. The effect in the society can be both positive and negative; for example, the positive part of this is the maturity of the teenager will increase and grow, because they will be challenged by the advanced, experienced minds of their loved ones. Having a teacher as a boyfriend or girlfriend will make the student focus more and aim to get high grades and increase his/her hopes if having a good future but this relationship.

          Despite the fact that the student’s social life may be affected by his/her romantic relationship with the teacher, it still has its positive side effects. The teacher’s way of thinking affects that of the student’s which makes his/her maturity level rise along with the tides. But what keeps both parties endure the criticisms? It is the fuel-like love of the teacher for the student which has the capacity to keep the car’s engine alive and running. It may actually be a ‘drug’ for the student to get high and pursue with his/her studies and vice versa. It’s as if a student is like a little bird still learning to fly while a teacher already has its wings full-grown.

          One of the inspiring stories of true love that has conquered all is the story of Merilyn Bapilar and Sergio Lad from Mati, Davao Oriental. They started their relationship when Merilyn was still a student and her teacher, by fate, was Sergio. The woman was motivated and inspired by her teacher that she also continued her college degree in the field of teaching, which is the same as Sergio’s. They pursued both their career and relationship for six years and then decided to get married and start a family. They are now sharing the same profession and teaching in the same school. Also, they are blessed with two children. Their relationship has landed to a great a life together, and now they have a family of their own. All this started just by their determination to be with each other. Their age gap is fifteen years. Quite far, isn’t it? But to them, who cares? Age is just a number and it does not matter to them. As long as they can be with each other, the rest, for them, is history.

          Everything we hear about this kind of relationship is speculated by many. But why not try to consider this: two beings different from one another are tied together by fate are struggling because of opinionated people. Let us not just base our views on facts and judge them immediately. Let them handle their business. Let us not neglect the fact that when professionalism is forgotten, then it would be our responsibility to correct and/or have a mature way of handling the situation. But in the end, having a happy ever after or the other way around is just a matter of being able to do everything without prejudice. No matter who you will be and what you will become when you’re in love doesn’t immediately make you a villain or a hero. As long as you know how to handle things appropriately, there’s nothing wrong. What is the mistake in falling in love?


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Pre-Work, Mid-Work and Post-Work Post

Oh yeah writing a post. Just before work, it won’t post till later since there’s no Internet but still.

The earthquake in japan is terrible, tsunami actually had a small wave hit California. That’s how bad it was.

I woke up at 530 today too and then just lay and read my book, in the end I felt better when I actually had to get up because of it.

I realised this morning that I get so bitter when it’s too early, since I was picking flaws in myself and my friends in my head, fortunately I realised what I was doing and listened to vampire weekend instead.

It’s breakfast time now (930) and I just had a sausage sandwich with tinned tomatoes, it was delicious.

I’ve moved through the waste really quickly today I think, or there just hasn’t been as much, either way I only have another box of chilled to do, some eggs and the bakery comp; when you write it out like that there seems to be more, but see I have another two and a half hours and I’d rather be working than just skiving - especially since the cool chef (Paul) isn’t in today which means I don’t get a free can of coke.

I’m gonna stop typing for now and read invincible :)

Got home from work, gonna post now, then eat some pasta

Night-long Ecstasy


          It was a cold windy night on the month of August; the atrium was filled with students talking about their bets of winners for the Ultimate Isko and Iska 2012, thinking whether their answers were suitable enough to the questions given to them. I was in the middle of all those chitchats when I felt a soft touch in my left arm. And as soon as I turned around, I saw the adorable face of my crush. He looked into my eyes as if telling me that we needed to talk about something really important. Indeed, he said “Tara na?”, then I agreed. We walked along the staircase heading out of the atrium; away from other people, away from the noises of the people in the atrium, away from everybody.

          Seconds later, we found ourselves not knowing where to go. Then I felt the cold breeze brushing through my skin. I felt uneasy with the mere presence of him beside me. And the fact that we’re alone together stimulated butterflies in my stomach. I felt the extreme awkwardness between us, but that awkwardness was flushed away by the thought that we were walking far away from the hollers of the atrium with just the two of us. Then, a roaring motorcycle headed in front of us nearly hit me. It was only when the motorcycle was right in front of me that I noticed it and tried to make a move towards the opposite direction. Then, my crush abruptly clutched my arms and tugged me towards him, making me nearly embrace him. After, he gently pushed me back into place. I imagined myself playing as a lead actress in an action movie being saved by her leading man. It was just a random thought! I was glad he didn’t make me giggle loudly.

          We walked along the Oblation Circle and talked about heartaches that we’ve been through. Until we reached the right side of the Oblation;  where we did some stargazing, sat there for a while and had little conversations that slowly faded away. Then, we hugged each other and finally bid our goodbyes.

          That glorious night ended with us taking separate ways.                           

Suck It To Get It


          Out of the countless palate-pleasing cooking that Davao has to offer, we decided to focus on those that came from the sea. Since the sea, the water, the ocean is connected to everyone’s lives; many make a living out of it. It is perceived that Davaoeños love to eat seafood especially the ones collected in the Davao regions. Thinking about it made our stomach grumble, so we decided on something that was delicious and fun to eat – Ginataang Suso. What most people don’t know though is that suso is actually a snail. It’s sort of an exotic dish, but it is extremely delicious and worth it. What makes Ginataang Suso fun to eat? Well, it’s simple: Davaoeños suck…suso and its sweet sauce, because sucking builds up the thrill. You need to go through the effort of sucking out the meat from the shell. This shows the attitude of the Davaoeños. They are adventurous and are willing to go through a lot just to reach their goal. First timers will surely find the challenge enjoyable, worthwhile, and appetizing. The sucking is the adventure; the suso meat is the sweet reward.

          Davao’ssuso is a mollusk sea snail with a black shell. The shell has a trumpet-like, cylindrical shape with a small opening where you can suck the mollusk out from the shell and eat it. Ginataang Suso dishactually has a whitish-violet color, because of the gabi (taro)in the gata (coconut milk). The gata becomes the dish’s sauce, and it manages to coat the suso inside and out. The sauce also makes the tender gabi look even softer in texture, and you’ll be left to imagine what it feels like on your tongue. Despite the dominance of dark colors of black and violet, the dish has doesn’t have a powerful smell or taste.

          The dish will also treat your olfactory system with a mouth-watering aroma. The smell alone of this exotic dish will have you salivating! Imagine yourself eating this dish in a restaurant near the shoreline where you could smell the breeze of the sea. Imagine the aroma of sautéed garlic, onion, and ginger mixed with coconut milk, all contributing to the delectable dish. It has a mildly sweet and salty aroma. The distinct appetizing smell that lingers in the air as you eat this dish will let you crave for more and will leave you imagining what it feels like in your tongue.

          As for how to cook the dish, rest assured that it is easy and doesn’t require many ingredients. However, what you must keep in mind is that if you overcook or undercook it, you’ll never be able to suck the suso meat out. The process of cooking isn’t difficult. First and foremost, the shells need to be washed. After they are clean, the garlic is minced and the onion and ginger are chopped.  Then next step would be to skin the gabi, making sure to remove all the “eyes” in order to prevent itchiness in the throat; afterwards the gabi is sliced into medium-sized chunks. After these preparations, it is time to sauté the garlic, onion, and ginger. The suso should be put in shortly after. When all of the shells are in, two cups of gata are poured into the pan. Then the gabi chunks are put in above everything. Never stir while the gabi still isn’t cook. A lid is then placed over the pan and the food is left to boil. When the gabi becomes half-cooked, the last two cups of gata are added in. Then, it is once again covered and allowed to boil. Once the gabi is cooked, you can now stir it. Don’t worry about the suso, because by the time the gabi is ready, those shells will have been cooked perfectly. Once everything has been stirred and mixed, you are now ready to start sucking!

          After the hardships that you have encountered, you will be able to experience the delectable taste of the dish. Eating Ginataang Suso gives a feeling of being at home because you will remember how your mother cooks it at home. The bitter and salty taste of the suso and the sweet taste of the gata combined together becomes a fascinating concoction of sweet and salty flavors that will make you crave for more.  Beneath the shell is the chewy meat that creates a sweet taste as you bite into it. The gabi also adds sweetness and creaminess to the gata. Pour some of the gata on your rice and you’ll be sure to forget your dining poise because of how scrumptious the meal is. So enjoy the adventure, and relish in the sweet rewards!