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That time when a danish comedy show decided to make Sherlock Holmes sketches…

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So this was one of my favorite movies as a kid, no wonder Im so fucked up.. lol 

The danish version is much better tho.. But I’m posting the english trailer, so you can understand what they’re saying :D 

Hit Danish Comedy Series 'Klown' Coming to Hulu July 16th

While some of you may be acquainted with what many called the Danish comedy equivalent of The Hangover, Klown, many don’t know that it was actually adapted from a successful TV series, Klovn

Now, Hulu is bringing the TV series stateside for us to enjoy for free starting July 16th and here’s a trailer to give you an idea what we’re all about to be in for.

Review: Klown


A Danish gross-out comedy that takes it that step too far… which makes it all the better. Follow father-to-be Fred as he kidnaps his partner’s young nephew, Bo, and heads out on a “Tour de Pussy” with his awful, adulterous best friend Casper. If you like American Pie or The Hangover (this film comes complete with a photo montage of crude activity at the end) you are sure to enjoy this.

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Klown (2010)

My first bash at Danish comedy. I remember my buddies at Flicksation reviewing this so when it popped up on my Netflix I thought “yeah! Fuck it!”.

In order to prove his Paternal capabilities to his pregnant girlfriend a naive and hapless idiot decides to take a 12 year old boy on a Gentleman’s weekend. Reasonable in principle but unfortunately he kidnaps the boy in order to do so and the trip he takes him on was supposed to be “The Tour de Pussy!”.

This is halfway between Bad Grandpa and Without a Paddle. It has a hokey accordion score, beak tweaks and plenty of mishaps and misadventures. Random things happen, rude things happen and there are plenty of inappropriate laughs.

The main guy is funny looking and more of a straight guy (when he’s not wanking into his Mother-in-Law’s eye!) but his buddy is hilarious - like a 40 year old Danish Stifler. 

A bit penis obsessed, a little televisual and goes sentimental towards the end but undoes all that nonsense with a fantastic finale.

“You simply come on your girlfriends neck!”

“I worry you don’t have potential as a Father”

“Canoe and Pussy. An exquisite combination”

“You stink of piss, Bo”

“Would you like a finger in your bum?”

“Listen cunt. Give him the car”


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Hi, I hope your knee feels better soon! Do you let your cat pick the netflix episodes to watch? :) I love netflix. What fun stuff are you watching?

No I’m the boss according to Netflix ;)

I watch OITNB, Friends, RuPauls Dragrace, Modern Family, HIMYM, Adventure Time and some danish stand up comedy

EE Cummings Is Boss.

I love love poetry. And poetry in general. It is so fantastic. There is something really exhilarating to me and soul wrenching about reading poetry and tapping into that transcendental lost romantic sort of passionate state of being that I think people go into when they really lose themselves in poetry. EE Cummings wrote perhaps one of the most mesmerizing poems about falling in love and the…

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Trend Analysis

"I love Fake"


The Trend for the AW 2015.  ” I Love Fake” firstly attracted to me and now i would like to do the deeply analysis on this trend. 

Movie: The Lego Movie (2014) 



You can see the Lego version of it in the video, and images from the real runway show. That’s cool!! isn’t it? 

It’s American-Australian-Danish computer animated adventure comedy film directed and co-written by Phi Lord and Christopher Miller. It’s the first film produced by Warner Animation Group. 

How does it influence to the fashion


The Lego Watch designed by French Designer JC de Castelbajac (JC DC). It’s his part of his whole future lego lineup. The style is like very 80s but apparently that is in right now. The Lego watches comes in a different colors-six version as you can see them being worn all at same time the Nicolas Hayek style 




The Lego Fashion by JC DC in 2009, In the Sky with Diamonds, which debuted during paris fashion week, is just one of them.   

Music: MIka/We are Golden, Psy/Gangnam Style

(Mika-We Are Golden) - The music video Influence by the pop art 



Also another one is well-famous south korea pop singer Psy 

which his images and portrait influenced by Manga Culture


 TV: The SImpsons 


One of television’s most influencing by manga art and enduring classic is everyone’s favorite jaundiced family, The Simpsons.  The Simpsons long ago began to feel like a happily family that we have all come to know and love it.  Of course.. some of designers got inspired by it too. 



On the eve of the Simpons’s 500 episode, designer Jeremy Scott showed off his collection of Bart-inspired huate couture at NYFW.

I was just dreaming of things i wanted to wear myself-that’s always the starting point of any of my collections." As Scott told the Hollywood Reporter, explaining his ideas of designs. 



President Obama’s ‘Hope’ poster is one of the most recognizible pieces of street art of all time, and is being called a cultural phenomenon. Created by Shepard Fairey used by photoshop, this poster became instantly viral and played a huge part in the success of Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign. 

The photoshop helps everyone can do the pop art piece at home too. 

How does it influence to fashion? 



Rodarte for Sonia Rykiel jersey cheerleader suit and the Pop Art Jean Charles de Castelbajac dress.


Pop art history: In the years following WW II, the United States enjoyed an unprecedented period of economic and political growth. Many middle class Americans move to the suburbs. Marilyn Monroe was a film star, and television replaced the radio at that time.

It was in this climate of turbulence, experimentation, and consumerism that a new generation artist emerged to Britain and America in middle of 1950, the pop artists were poor and they started to look for inspiration in the world everyday. they representing the everyday items, consumer goods, using bold swaths of primary colors, straight from the can or tube of paint. they adopted commercial way like silkscreening or produced mutiples of work, giving an abstract expression.

Basically pop culture elements from television, advertisements, films, and cartoons. The most successful and famous one is the Marilyn Monroe portrait by Andy Warhol. 


and also today Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2009 show bring it back the fashion icon too. 


The Key Shapes and types of garments correspond to this trend. Association of garments, layering. 

As we can see the next 2015 AW Trend will be like sporty wear with bold graphic style and geometric shapes.  The eye-popping colors

Pop Art, Art Deco, Bauhaus, and futuristic-kitsch influenced a lot for the trend. 

Now just take look this playful, eye-popping aesthetic it’s head again in designs here. 


Oversized anti-branding shirts. 


Retro cartoon icons oversize shirts (Gothic Sports) 



Monochrome palette. Sports layering. 90’s Street wear aesthetic style, with baseball shirts, Japanese ninja graphic style. 

The Varsity Jacket 


Saint Laurent Leopard ponyskin& red wool bomber varsity jacket 2015

This red wool-blend and leopard-print calf-hair bomber jacket was a highlight of Saint Laurent’s rockabilly AW14 collection, and sums up the show’s 1980s mood perfectly. It has a point collar, long sleeves and a sporty striped hem and cuffs. Fasten it with the snap buttons or wear it loose and open with the collar turned up.


Lawlz at my homeboy Junya Watanabe for still trying to push that Great Depression hobo aesthetic. No censure the guy looks like a fucking klown. Yeah fam I know I spelled it wrong. It’s a reference to a very weird not-funny Danish comedy I just watched on the almighty Netflix. I’m on that foreign language film come-up. Anyway what do I know about fashion. He’s getting 725 U.S. dollar bills for each and every one of these sub-par patch garms while I struggle to convince my boss to pay me our AGREED UPON $9 HOURLY WAGE. I guess in the end he’s the guy with last lawlz.

coming at you from SamJoeyJack