Favourite Fictional Couples (x) 

I was crushing on my mentor. Crushing on my older mentor. I had to be out of my mind. He was seven years older than me. Old enough to be my…well, okay, nothing. But still older than me. Seven years was a lot. He’s been learning to write when I was born. When I’d been learning to write and throw books at my teachers, he’s probably been kissing girls. Probably lots of girls, considering how he looked.” -Rose Hathaway


Wordlessly, I brushed my hair away from my neck and tilted it toward her. She stared for a moment, blank-faced; then understanding shone in her eyes. Those fangs that lurked behind her pretty smile bit into my neck, and a small moan escaped my lips. I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed it, that sweet, wonderful pain followed by glorious wonder. Bliss settled over me. Dizzying. Joyful. Like being in a dream. Dizzily, I watched as Lissa leaned over Christian and rested her hands on him.It all took place invisibly, occurring between Lissa and Christian. Even though the bite’s endorphins had numbed my connection to her, I remembered Victor’s healing and the wonderful colors and music she must be bringing forth. A miracle unfolded before my eyes, and Alberta gasped. Christian’s wounds closed. The blood dried up. Color—as much as a Moroi ever had, at least—returned to his cheeks. His eyelids fluttered, and his eyes regained their life again. Focusing on Lissa, he smiled. It was like watching a Disney movie.

I must have keeled over after that, because I don’t remember anything else.

I don’t like my Russian accent. Foreigners find it very beautiful, but I don’t. I tried to muffle his, but not quite. Otherwise you would have thought that my character is, or German, or French. But it was important for me that everybody could understand that my hero is Russian. Because, a Russian artist received a big romantic role in a Hollywood film for the first time. And I won’t hide it… I am flattered.