Recent Show at Gallery 1313 in Toronto

I was fortunate to have been selected to work with a talented group of people on a show called the “Kinship Project: A Social Exhibit”. The project was to work in collaboration (somehow or someway) with an artist you had never met and who was assigned to you by the curators. My partner was Thenakedjustus, who is an amazing illustrator and designer working in Toronto as well. During our meetings Thenakedjustus and I would often exchange ideas by looking through and sharing our various sketchbooks and experimentation. I find that sketchbooks and preliminary drawings tell a lot more about the artist’s intentions and always find inspiration in them. These three texture pieces were created with that in mind.

Collaborative Artist Statement:
“The differences between an artist and a designer relies on the way they conceptualize and start their works. Translated I.D. showcases the way two opposites bounced ideas between one another, creating a piece that exemplifies both their similarities and differences.”

To see some of Thenakedjustus’ work, check out: