This moment really touched me, maybe more than the breakup (and this one hurt me badly), because when Robin wakes up, he sees Regina and her attention is directed to him too, but he immediately turns his head and ask if Marian is okay, and you can see at this exact moment Regina turning her head away, she just don’t want to see that, she refuses to see the man she loves with another woman, she hates it, she hates this situation because he should be with her, she knows it, and he knows it too, and I think she’s also really frustrated by that. Yes, she’s his wife and he has honor & everything and that’s why I love him, but Regina sees things differently, Robin is supposed to be hers, and vice versa. And I just want to add something, when the pixie dust brought her to Robin, Marian already existed in the world, she was there, so there’s no “Robin and Marian are an iconic couple, and they are destined to be together, they are meant to be”. No… absolutely not, Robin and Regina are destined to be together, It’s been prophesized (yes, I’m using Lana’s words).
And then, there’s this moment when she’s leaving, she looks at him and you see that she’s hurt but then, she starts looking at him with contempt, but that’s because she’s hurt, and also because she opened up to him, and he saw her at her best, he saw her happy, which is a weakness for her, to be happy. I mean, during their picnic she was saying stuff like “I just never thought I’d have this” or “I was too scared to approach you”, she trusted him, she had faith in him, so I think, although she deeply loves him and tries to get him back, she feels betrayed. So yeah, this moment was important for me, but after seeing this scene, I think they’re going to avoid each other as much as they can, but I’m not worried because they are fated to be together, so fate will brought them back together over and over again.

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Yes Means Yes Law Redefines Rape?

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