SamGyeopSal (grilled pork belly)! Love love love. We used to eat this every other weekends. Wrap ‘em with lettuce leaf and stuff it with your choice of vegetables, devour that thanggg… and be prepared to take a trip to another dimension and feel all euphoric! Gives you that Asian glow after eating it too since it’s so oily LOL.

Single Soul, Two Bodies

By Jeff Sher

Our brotherhood will never tarnish, never grow old 

Bliss of heaven and precious like gold 

The days, the months, the years we share 

Infinite joy, little woe to bear

We tally no hours but the ones made glad

By the hale good times we effortlessly had

A vale to cross, a mountain to climb

A road to walk, a dream in mind

As the hand ticks, as the seasons shift

I will age away, as you will too

But our friendship is everlasting; strong and true

Dedicated to my other half,

Danial Son

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For those of you who didnt get a valentines gift, this is for you <3 (>_<)

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Saying hi to my followers :D please excuse the hair xD had a good dream yesterday?

Life is full with beauty. notice it. Live your life to the fullest. fight for your dreams. Dont fight for others because in the end your the one who’s responsible for your life not them. Just the heads up for the future :] 

Hope everyones doing well haha