"Dom may be the world’s best ___, but Dom may be the world’s worst ___"
Jeff: Did you guys cheat?

"If anyone in this room could win Big Brother, and their name can’t start with D, who would it be?"

“Do you remember what you told me that night?” She cocked an eyebrow pointedly. Dany did not need to specify which night she spoke of. Doreah was obviously very aware by now.

“I said many things, if I recall,” Doreah responded, her voice slightly hoarse and strangled with the effort of remaining still.

“You told me love comes in at the eyes.” She leant down to capture Doreah’s lips for only a moment but felt the body beneath her surge up and pull her flush down. Relief flooded her nerves at the feeling of fingers splayed wide across her back, anchoring her in place. Tiny eager moans leaked from the older girl’s lips as she returned the kiss with an unexpected urgency. Ordinarily, owing to years of practice, Doreah did not display such disregard for composure, even in the most excited state. Yet here as the Lysene girl writhed slightly under her, Dany could focus on nothing else. It was overwhelming, contagious even. It was Doreah the girl—not the whore or the traitor—laid bare and honest beneath her.

Gathering her strength and steadying herself, Daenerys pushed slightly upright again to hover over her handmaid solemnly. “So what do you see, Doreah?”