danglinghearts replied to your post “Where do you get paper that is lined horizontally in the landscape orientation… on both sides? Do you have to make/ print it yourself or can you order it from somewhere?”

Could you explain how you print the lines or make a tutorial? I’ve been breaking my head over this :)

I use InDesign for making lined pages or doing any other kind of page design or layout work. I find it to be the most precise and easy to manipulate. 

Of course, if you don’t have InDesign, that’s not really feasible. So I went ahead and did a bit of experimenting in Word to find a hack using their Tables tool. I had decent success, so I made a quick video tutorial for you. It’s not exactly a perfect method, but it will work well enough.

A few notes: 

  • If you want to vary line spacing or page size, you’ll have to experiment with how many rows you need. You’ll just have to play around till it fits the page. I’d recommend adding more than you think you’ll need, since I find it easier to delete rows than add them one at a time. 
  • I set the line point size at 1pt., but you could make it thicker or thinner. 
  • In order to make the left and right border disappear, you first have to select them, or “turn them on.” That’s why you’ll notice I clicked each of those options twice—once for on, once to turn them off for real. 
  • I’d “design” one sheet of lines, then just print it as many times as you want and flip over and print on the back to get double-sided. You may also have to monkey with your print settings  bit to get things right. This method may not guarantee that the lines are perfectly aligned when you look through the page, but it’s better than nothing. 

Without further ado, here’s the tutorial: http://bit.ly/1p72TI9


callmefons answered your question: I have a big final presentation on my sherlock…

That’s weird… I have to present my incredibly boring bachelor project tomorrow, so I’m feeling you!

ugh, presentations suck, right? thanks, good luck to you too baby!


danglinghearts replied to your postI have a big final presentation on my sherlock…

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


lord-fucking-voldemort answered your questionI have a big final presentation on my sherlock…

You will do fabulous. I believe in you, okay. YOU GO GO GO! ;D

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You’ve gone so far this way. Good luck! Looking forward to yr good news soon!


eraseredrawourmaps answered your questionI have a big final presentation on my sherlock…

fingers crossed!

thank you, my lovelies! I’m leaving soon, ready to knock ‘em dead :)


Every so often I’ll clear my shelves and find things that make me smile. This is one of them. A Christmas card that Ellen [Danglinghearts] sent me a couple of years ago all the way from Belgium and I still love it <3 thank you lady :) this just made my day all over again Xx


danglinghearts replied to your photo: I’m reading this book on modern adaptations of…

Seriously, when you’ve finished it, you have to post it here. I so want to read it.

I’d love to, but I’m not sure if you want to struggle through 70 pages of boring thesis writing, haha! although it’s pretty interesting - I’m writing on how 2 modern adaptations of Sherlock Holmes (Elementary and Sherlock) each incorporate modern technology and new media in their story and how it changes our view of Sherlock. 

(and aside from that, I’ll have a bigass picture of Benedict and me on the second page, which already makes it one of the best theses ever.)