artminion replied to your post: I HEARD THUNDER. YESSS.

I am disappointed. Our’s only lasted 10 minutes or so. I hope you get a lovely long storm with lots of grumbles and crackles.

sobs yeah it’s gone :’( I was so excited for a huge rain storm but no it got quieter and went away. Dangit the bbc lied to me for the millionth time.

tryna work out why my good mood from the morning evaporated

conclusion: computer and tablet having a competition to see who could be the biggest jerk when i was trying to get stuff done in my afternoon break

having to wait around for ages and walk in sleet and eat junk food waiting for larp so i didnt pass out from hunger

feeling inadequate and confused at larp a lot because ugh social paranoia or something or whatever

checking my email and finding i accidentally sent a copy of the illustrator files i mailed to myself, to one of my old friends. who added a comment in the email reply saying he didnt think he was the intended recipient that he was disappointed in the images because i can do better or something.

actually mainly that last one

unasked for crit on something that wasn’t intended for comment. i know its petty and stupid to be mad about it but fuck it i am! it wasnt his place to comment and now im mad

Tumblr I just worked out about copying replies to things directly and not typing them out, why do you have to take that away from me.

Okay so I can’t work out copy/pasting the pictures now for whatever reason so I’m just going to skip over that.

Teal: Playing a baker that can punch through walls would be fantastic, for sure. Now I’m also thinking of course of Ukyo Kuonji from Ranma, who used okonomiyaki materials as weaponry (giant battle spatula, using noodles as rope, flour bombs). …I need more roleplaying in my diet.

Teal again: I somehow find myself unsurprised by Lev Grossman having good taste in beer. Maybe it’s because I’ve read a whack of articles he’s written/interviews he’s given, but he comes off as the kind of person who’d have that knowledge? (Then again I don’t really drink beer so I assume that a lot of people have good taste in beer because I can’t tell the difference as well.)