Increasing YouTube video views for Danger MV

We are all aware that Korean music shows (Inkigayo etc.) count YouTube music video views for artists deciding the weekly winners. The views determine the group’s international popularity and are converted to points (how and how much, we don’t know) along with SNS popularity. We want to raise the view counts for “Danger” as fast and effective as possible to increase our chances of winning a music show and to promote BTS.

How to increase MV views:

  1. Make a YouTube playlist from your account. Make sure that it has more than one video (1 MV + 2 teasers or 2 MV + 1 teaser); add both the music videos from ibighit and 1theK and the teaser, too. (If you want) Set the playlist in public and get the link. OR you can use our playlist here.


  2. Log out of YouTube or open an incognito window and load your playlist. Set the playlist on Autoplay.

  • It’s better if you do this in a separate browser from what you are using because you will need to clear your history and cookies every once in a while, preferably by the hour.
  1. Another way to increase views is to download the Auto Refresh extension from Google and set the MV page to refresh every 5 mins. However, multiple redirects from one IP address/account might render your views void after quite some time. It is suggested that you reload the page manually at some point or stop playing it in intervals, i.e Play for an hour and stop for 30 mins. This also requires the cookies and cache of your browser to be refreshed.

  • If you do not wish to do the following above, you can help increase the views while you normally browse the web. Simply go to YouTube, type in “방탄소년단 ‘Danger’ MV” and click the video, watch another video of your liking and search for the music video again once you’re done and ready.

  • It was put to light that Inkigayo might only count the views from one channel (BigHit) while MCountdown will count both channels. It’s not bad to watch the video from 1theK but in this case, it’s safer to watch the videos from just the ibighit channel, just to make sure.


Tips and notes:

  • YouTube checks the views of the videos that are getting a lot of views, so they make sure that those views are valid- no spam bots or malwares.

  • Refreshing the page without actually watching the videos/letting it load, count as spam and YouTube most likely won’t count it in especially if you do it too often.

  • YouTube DEFINITELY counts intentional views from clicks on links so it is suggested that you also share and embed the video on SNS and other websites (e.g. twitter, facebook, blogs, tumblr) and ask your friends/followers to click the link.

  • Volume settings and length of the video that you viewed also somehow affect the chances of your view to be counted, although not proven. Make sure to watch a good length of the MV preferably the full 4 minutes (if you are not using autorefresh/playlist)

  • Open as many streaming devices as you can (PCs, iPad/iPods, phones, tablets) and do the playlist method. Mobile devices’ IP addresses can usually be set as different to computers so please do if you know how to (ie. restarting your connection settings).

  • REMEMBER! We need to increase the views, not spam the music video with void views. Watch the music video as much as you can manually, search and redirect the page, because it’s the sure way of getting the view counted.

If you have any questions or want to know more on how you can help BTS, kindly join us at our forum BTS Support board! You can even share your tips there too.

Regardless of the fact that we are going up against artists from huge companies like SM and YG, us ARMY’s cannot lose hope! Stay positive and keep supporting our boys through out Danger promotions. Please continue to vote! Our boys have worked so hard from practicing for long hours to not being able to see their families for months. Let’s do our part and help them win! 

On Danger MV views...

We’re not even getting 100k views a day.

At this rate, it will be weeks before we hit the 4 million views to get the Danger dance version released.

Come on, stop relying on a few dedicated people to get the views, if we ALL play the video on a playlist for at least a couple of hours a day, we will reach the target much sooner.

I hate to make this post, I really do, but I honestly feel that a lot of people aren’t pulling their weight in this effort.

tl;dr: YOU need to watch the MV, stop relying on others.


We need your help…remember how we all put SHINee’s MV “Everybody” on replay 24/7 in order to get the dance vrs….we need to do this again for Taeminnie’s ‘Danger’!

We need 4M views! Just open a new tab..use this playlist and click ‘PLAY ALL’..or make your own! Mute it and go about your day! This is important: Your playlist MUST have at least two different videos for it to work….the browser needs to completely refresh for the views to count! Using the teaser is the quickest way. please please support taemints and help , just like we will all do for each of the SHINee members when the time comes! Saranghaeyo


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[Stream] KBS Music Bank - Taemin ‘Danger’ 140822 (1080P)

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