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using only song names from 1 artist/band, cleverly answer these questions. try not to repeat a song title.

pick an artist/band: VIXX (this was difficult…)

are you male or female: beautiful killer
describe yourself: starlight (ha)
how do you feel: steel heart
describe where you currently live: memory
if you could go anywhere, where would you go?: someday
your favourite form of transportation is: time machine
your best friend is: super hero
you and your best friends are: G.R.8.U
what’s the weather like: after dark
favourite time of day: secret night
if your life was a TV show, what would the title be: error
what is life to you: chaos
your relationship: what u waiting for
you fear: sad ending

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Happy frickin’ birthday to my best friend, Danni! You’re one of my best friends (the other being Mia, #Kanima5eva) you’ve helped me through so much the last year and i’d never even try to imagine my life without you. you’re impossibly awesome and i love you for exactly who you are, never change <33333333

i’ll stop being soppy now, happy bday u dork 

remember when after i met chris and i was hysterically sobbing and danni just turned to me and went hey lucy you’ve met both halves of klaine and i sobbed even harder like wtf why do you do this to me danni??????

danfiki asked:

2, 9, 10, 13, 18, 22 :)

2. Favourite Villain? Hades, obviously

9. Favourite Princess Movie? The Princess and The Frog

10. Favourite Non-Princess Movie? Lilo and Stitch and Wreck It Ralph

13. Favourite Couple? Rapunzel and Flynn

18. Favourite Sequel? The Rescuers Down Under (THE BEST MOVIE EVER SERIOUSLY GO WATCH IT)

22. Favourite Disney Soundtrack? Ugggggggh I just love the entirety of Disney’s discography but if I have to choose one specific movie soundtrack it would have to be…a tie between Aladdin, Mary Poppins and Tangled, I could never choose one ;P

danfiki replied to your post: shit i want to go to Chris’ book signing but i’m…

- - i need someone to come with me, i know it’ll be full of Chris’ fans but I NEED SOMEONE TO CONTROL MY PANIC ATTACKS. i will legit faint on my own, oh my god.