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TMP's Danny&Mindy Timeline

Can we talk about the timeline? :D Because I think it’s cool and now the recent episode, we have more information on when Mindy joined Shulman and Assoc./Danny. The Mindy Project is not perfect a perfect show…so the timeline might not be accurate or make sense. I go here for TMP transcripts to find the dates.


*November 18, 2014 3x08 They knew each other for 7 years (and dated 7 months) based on ep. Diary of a Mad Indian Woman

// Which would means they met in2007.

*May 6, 2014/September 16, 2014  3x01 We’re a Couple Now, Haters  Danny: If you had told me five years ago (2009?) that I, Daniel Castellano, would be dating Mindy Lahiri, I would have said, “Oh, is everyone else on the planet dead?” I was kind of a dick back then. Sure, there were ups and downs, but we finally found each other. 

// I think this was a timeline error or he was just rounding up the number of years in this quote?


*October 16, 2007.Today was the first day of my residency, and hallelujah! My program’s filled with smoking hot dudes. There’s this one guy, Danny, he’s so handsome. His lips are plump like boiled hot dogs. Damn it, now I’m hungry.” -DOAMIW

*Summer, 2008, 1x22, Triathlon (April 30, 2013)  Danny: Okay, look, I wrote this letter(to Christina) years ago, okay? I was all pumped up from the Chinese drums at the Beijing Olympics.

//This was after 2007 when Danny met Mindy. So, Danny and Christina probably broke up in early 2007 or earlier, before he met Mindy. Or Danny broke up with Christina after he met Mindy and Mindy didn’t meet Christina yet-in Triathlon. Like maybe Mindy met Danny when he was still married. Christina and Danny met again after 5 or 6 years?

*2010 Pilot   Mindy: And then two years ago, when I finally became a doctor, I had no time for any distractions.

// Does that make sense? I don’t know much about doctor schooling and stuff.

-eta.(thank you!) nursetookers said: She was a doctor when she started her residency in ‘07, as she’d already graduated med school, but she couldn’t work alone until after 3 years as a resident. She prob joined S&A in ‘10. Danny was prob in his 3rd year when they met and started S&A in ‘08.

*"Dear diary, May 11, 2012. Oh, my God, I had a hot sex dream about that jerk, Danny Castellano, last night. What if I get turned on when I look at him? Ugh, that cute little tush. Like two scrumptious empanadas. Damn it, now I’m hungry.” -DOAMIW

*The Mindy Project’s Pilot episode was aired on September 25, 2012

//Mindy had a sex dream of Danny before the Pilot! :P

*(2x14, The Desert,) January 2014? ”Oh, my God, Danny kissed me on the plane! It was the moment I had dreamed of for years. I was so excited I didn’t even finish watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua afterwards.”


What is inspiration?

The first time I met Michael the answer  suddenly came up. Michael Pretolani is just the living expression of what inspiration means; having his father as leading reference of dandy style, Michael grew up absorbing inspiration from everything that surrounded him; from movies to the streets, passing through his innate devotion for details. Inspiration is about building your own style, and in this sense Michael is very unique.

The way he combines clothes, matches colours, materials and patterns, the way he puts attention to the details is an extraordinary example of how a beautiful and passionate human being could be uncommonly stylish.
His beard, his rings, his hats and bags distinct Michael from every one at Pitti; his sweet heart, infinite availability and his incredible kindness even more.
Being a gentleman is all about that, not only the style you show off, but mostly the style people can’t see, your inner and private gentleman soul.

We are so proud of knowing Michael and sharing this exclusive Charley shooting with you fam.

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