hotbloodedhunter said:

is it just me or are danny x mindy getting cuter every moment?

it is NOT just you!!! they are lovely and precious and I just can’t even handle them most of the time!

it’s like a dream relationship and yet completely normal at the same time

they still nag each other; they still get on each other’s nerves; they’re still best friends, but they’ve just added kissing and having sex in a wax museum to it.





  • Mindy:Okay, my butt does not sounds like fat Marlon Brando.
  • Danny:I know what your butt sounds like, don't tell me!
  • Me:...
  • Me:...
  • Me:How...
  • Me:is this...
  • Me:Explain your talent to me Mindy Kaling and fellow writers?!?!
  • Me:How???
Spring Cleaning
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by Anna_WS

That long, cold spring he rereads her letters.

Words: 2110, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Diplomatic Ties part 226: Emma Willis.

One of the last warm days in Stockholm before autumn arrived. Looking out over Kungsgatan (King’s Street). Mrs Blockert bought the Emma Willis tie on a trip to London. A silk/linen blend in a light blue/green colour with a subtle PoW pattern. Combined with a light wool jacket and a linen ps and you have a great combination for a late summer’s day.

anonymous said:

You're so smart and insightful! I like your response to the Q about danny asking mindy to dress up as frenchy and totally agree with what you said. I love danny, but he did a few of things that irked me a little in this episode. Admittedly, I think p much all the characters were being a little dick-ish in this episode, but I tend not to notice the bad behavior of say Peter (or even Mindy) so much because I almost expect it.

Naww thank you! You are all way too sweet to me!

I think Danny was meant to irk us in this episode. This episode was very much designed to push Danny out of his comfort zone, test his trust in Mindy and his willingness to move their relationship forward.

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anonymous said:

Being all in and being ready to have your apartment run over by girly stuff are totally two different things. With cliff or any other boyfriend who didn't know her that well thought in the beginning that she would only get a couple overnight things and once it started there was no going back. Danny knows this woman. He knows he'll be buried in her stuff. That's why he's insisting on her not keeping stuff there. I don't think danny was out of character at all!

Look, I get the difference. It’s just that I felt they sort of dumbed Danny down in this ep. As we’ve seen throughout the series — some examples that come to mind, in “Pretty Man” when he was with Alex that he said he doesn’t like anyone touching his stuff except her, also when Mindy was giving herself a tour of his room, again in “You’ve Got Sext” with Mindy touching his stuff and even now after they’ve been together in “We’re a Couple Now, Haters” when he tells her not to go through his drawers — Danny’s anal about his stuff. We know. 

imadandylioness, scarlettblythe, jsmapdi and alittlenutjob all have such great discussions about the show that I forget who mentioned it, but Danny’s usually a little more perceptive about Mindy’s feelings. It just seemed that a bit off that for someone who’s all in and seriously thinking of a future with her, he was not even willing to let her keep a damn toothbrush (which he ended up being okay with when she used his in YGS) and hairbrush in his place. Of course the ending was sweet and gross and compensated (albeit not fully) for his actions in the beginning. But that’s just my take on it.