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Perhaps the most interesting thing about Hector’s place in the Iliad, and one of my favorite pieces out of Greek literature, is his interactions with his family. Very few domestic scenes from ancient Greek literature show as much honest compassion and love as do the scenes between Hector and his wife, Andromache. And of course his baby is pretty cute too:

"He stretched his arms towards his child, but the boy cried and nestled in his nurse’s bosom, scared at the sight of his father’s armor, and at the horse-hair plume that nodded fiercely from his helmet. His father and mother laughed to see him, but Hector took the helmet from his head and laid it all gleaming upon the ground. Then he took his darling child, kissed him, and dandled him in his arms, praying over him…”

-Iliad Book 6 (Trans. Samuel Butler), from The Internet Classics Archive

Lips formed on a smirk as he drove a amber colored liquid to his lips through a bulky whisky cup, the dark eyes hidden behind a pitch black fringe were slender and uneasy, not being traceable in the middle of the crowd and the shimmering lights coming and going. Seungjin stared somewhere since the light of his eyes didn’t change direction, wherever it was directed at, and by the expression, he was amused, which meant a pair of dandling legs covered with a skirt would be an option to consider when it came to finding reasons for him to be amused. He sure loved women and just admiring them from the back was a nice experience he went through almost every time he locked his gaze with one. This time, he had a victim on his gaze surely, and the victim was right in front of him, sitting by the counter just as he was, but with the back facing him. Leaving a now empty glass by the counter for the bartenders to pick up, he reached the woman from behind and talked in her ear so she’d hear with the loud music. “May I keep this pretty lady some company?”

I am not yet born; O hear me.
Let not the bloodsucking bat or the rat or the stoat or the
club-footed ghoul come near me.

I am not yet born, console me.
I fear that the human race may with tall walls wall me,
with strong drugs dope me, with wise lies lure me,
on black racks rack me, in blood-baths roll me.

I am not yet born; provide me
With water to dandle me, grass to grow for me, trees to talk
to me, sky to sing to me, birds and a white light
in the back of my mind to guide me.

I am not yet born; forgive me
For the sins that in me the world shall commit, my words
when they speak me, my thoughts when they think me,
my treason engendered by traitors beyond me,
my life when they murder by means of my
hands, my death when they live me.

I am not yet born; rehearse me
In the parts I must play and the cues I must take when
old men lecture me, bureaucrats hector me, mountains
frown at me, lovers laugh at me, the white
waves call me to folly and the desert calls
me to doom and the beggar refuses
my gift and my children curse me.

I am not yet born; O hear me,
Let not the man who is beast or who thinks he is God
come near me.

I am not yet born; O fill me
With strength against those who would freeze my
humanity, would dragoon me into a lethal automaton,
would make me a cog in a machine, a thing with
one face, a thing, and against all those
who would dissipate my entirety, would
blow me like thistledown hither and
thither or hither and thither
like water held in the
hands would spill me.

Let them not make me a stone and let them not spill me.
Otherwise kill me.

—  'Prayer Before Birth' by Louis MacNeice

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Memoirs of a Human (2) -Comission for LXZ.-

”A-A-A-Ahhnn.. Lu-Luca..”


-Inward originated the sleekly, concenter muscular hydro-stat of Luca. It wrought charily at the canvas of Cel’s cervical spine, biting, breathing, cooing sweet nothings into her skin. As a Revenant, Luca’s libido hiked, he was the Regnant this revolution. Lust, floundered and squiggled, her neck was ever-so touchy-feely. One by one, every-step, Luca’s extremities peregrinated Cel’s curvilinear configuration, sporadically dandling her thigh or bust. Ornamenting her cherubic shape were impulsive lingerie, seldomly counterfeiting her breadth of sensitivity and stimulation. Luca’s labia oris burnished her temporal bone.- ”N-Nhh..” -Luca’s Cupid’s Bow humped into a simper, he’d rerun his stir though enforcing some ”oomph” as he revisited her opposable, articulated structure whereas his lips made Lust a gelatin in his grip. Her pyxis hefted, her galore breasts shimmering, silky with perspiration.- ”Oh.. aroused already, Dearest? I’ve barely started!” -Cel’s areola were billowy, her nipples? Lithic, pebbly, Luca’s temperate buccal cavity recipient of the once reversed nubbin. Peppy did he nurse her nipple, his satiny hand pawing at her goodly breast. Though Cel did not lactate, Luca’s mime for all intents and purposes were drawing from the meager slit. His saliva layering her flesh as he peeved Lust.-

”A-Ahn.. n-n-nnhh! Pl-Please.. I’m.. I’m..!” -Lust became Mad as a Hatter, three sheets to the wind from Luca’s subsidy. Lust’s head scudded back, her solar-plexus clubbing the trundle. Producing an audible ”squeak” as the delirium incinerated her Medulla Oblongata. Her undergarments ripened into an aqueous disarray. Able to ambit an orgasm merely by having her Breasts strung-along..- ”I’d just intended for that to be foreplay. Though that is one step to lovemaking..” -Lust’s physiognomy is refitted something debauched, her tongue teetering, her cunt convulsing and her eyes glazed over. An inexorableness to doff her soused panties, Luca did so, her pit-patting clitoris is a bauble among fortune. Lust hazarded a guess and bankrupted her cowering thighs. Her resonance rended from the effulgence.~- ”N-N-Not there.. not yet.. it’s.. sen-sen-sensitive!” -Luca was under obligation to his Monogamist, instead of rakish, screwed-up fornication Luca and Lust implemented a tryst of amour. Lip-to-lip they outlasted, Cel’s columns enamored by Luca’s paunch. Gradually yet devotedly granulating together, though the Daemon was still clothed, the abrasions of compulsion were eating out his Heart.-

-Corresponding Luca’s supplementing came the adroit digits of Lust. Having unfastened his corduroys, Luca’s Daemon-prick glissaded freely onto Cel’s blood-warm skin. It slavered pre-cum, amply anointing itself. Unlooked-for was the dab as her cunny, his veiny hint rounding against it’s polar opposite.- ”Ack!” -Luca this time proclaimed as he was jerked, onto his back, below his significant other.- ”You mentioned Lovers roam every inch of their bodies…? Then shall we truly begin, my little Human..?” -Not only did Cel’s breasts superimpose Luca’s cock, but too her labrum and tongue larruped his oval head. Luca uttered huskily, though was gagged by Lust’s labia, her sopping little folds covering his mouth. Ze’ notorious 69 position.~ Luca lay screwy temporarily, perchance Lust discombobulated him with the breakneck suckling upon his southern ”head?” Listless, Luca disregarded his fuzzed-brain and began to speck and cast his tongue betwixt her labium, aspiring her clitoris..- ”M-Mmmph!” -Cock-gagged the bemoan of Cel, as Karma to Luca’s persistence, Lust deep-throated the Daemon, consequently nuzzling his frenulum with her surplus tit-flesh. Counterplay. Shwap! An open-palm smack to Cel’s firm ass-cheeks, her throat relinquished his penis only to disembogue a shriek, not of pain.. but of pleasure.  Luca’d gained the laurels.-

-Recuperating from the ”overwhelming” flurry, Lust’s haunches tied around the isthmus of Luca, she’d proceed to relax upon his face, not metaphorically speaking either. Cel began to treadmill against his olfactory organ and lips.- ”Wh-What’s the matter, Loo-kah?” -She’d lout.- ”Can’t keep up with your Lover..?” -She’d howl with hysterics, it was all shits n’ giggles until you abet a man. Luca’s hulky boughs corked-up Lust, his pollex goosing and crowding at her anus. If he’d recalled correctly.. it was decorous?- ”Wa-Wa-Wait! I was ju-just kidding, Luca.. honestly!” -Hardy-har-har chortled the Daemon, his thumb ground-find into her pucker with little detention. Lust’s festivity disintergrated, she bucked, oh did she squirm.. to no avail her trivial aperture was occluded. Her lubricant-leaking cunt however rejoiced as Luca’s began to suck on the button-esque protrusion. Cel was a squirter, if Luca were to persist.. well, he’d find out in a moment’s notice! Fellatio? What was such again? Lust’s amassing stubbed a toe!-

”Gonna’ cum, Dear..? Don’t hold back..” -Necessitated Luca who’s thumb full-tilt fucked away at her quavering pucker which drew him in. The grub-work of his phallus keyed-up her pussy, impassioned their persuasive moment and inflamed their interactive Lechery. Breathing and hissing, groaning and grunting, moaning and groaning until the bittersweet end, until the supernatural capsheaf, the intensification was unplumbed. A medley of iridescent cum and a gossamer fluid demoralized the blankets, their honorifics being.. perverts. Bastardizing it no-more, Luca eliminated his thumb, Cel was hare-footed to fall forward, her plush little backside presenting even though she was near comatose.-

Lust: ”Y-You’re so mean.. Loo-kah..”

Luca: ”You provoked me after all, Cel..”

Lust: ”Hmph! The gall!”

Luca: ”Pretend all you want! You know you enjoyed the extra attention..”

Lust: ”Shut up! I.. I didn’t!”

Luca: ”And yet you squirted so shamelessly..”

Lust: ”…”

Luca: ”That’s what I thought.”

-Ze’ summation of Lust and Luca, though what an allegory without embolus? Luca veered near and wrestled Cel onto her side, he’d become the ”Big Spoon” and Lust would become the ”Little Spoon.” He’d also penetrated the Goddess.~ Though it’d not be a lewd act as Cel’s consciousness faded, her vigor, her ardor all spent.. she was so cute, so harmless when she slept. Luca remained snuggled up to his Lover, fondly caressing her mahogany mane.-

”Sleep well my Empress.. we’ll view the town later on.”

God says 'so will I comfort you' ..... Isaiah 66:12-16

God says ‘so will I comfort you’ ….. Isaiah 66:12-16

For this is what the Lord says:

“I will extend peace to her like a river,
    and the wealth of nations like a flooding stream;
you will nurse and be carried on her arm
    and dandled on her knees.
13 As a mother comforts her child,
    so will I comfort you;
    and you will be comforted over Jerusalem.”

14 When you see this, your heart will rejoice
    and you will flourish like grass;

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And what is love? It is a doll dress’d up
For idleness to cosset, nurse, and dandle;
A thing of soft misnomers, so divine
That silly youth doth think to make itself
Divine by loving
—  Modern Love, John Keats