Black swan is the tragedy of how loving you put a spell in my mouth so I could not scream. Heartache is a witch that curses you when full moon is up and you want to die for love. And I’ve been dancing in gold with broken feet, left blood stains on the way to your heart, and the people who saw me leaving called me a murder. You took me by my neck and cut me open and oh my dear, I never felt more glamourous than when you set my wings on fire. I guess you miscarried the power of my Casanova heart.

Black swan is the tragedy of how you lost me to another man when you were so sure I was dancing for you.

I was dancing for the applause when he came around and kissed my legs.

—  The Black Swan Theory by Royla Asghar

Sonya Tayeh class at Broadway Dance Center ft dancers Will Loftis & Melanie Moore.