Some people are so busy focusing on exactly which comment he chose to reply to that they are missing the bigger picture.  It’s not just about that particular comment, It’s about the constant negativity from all ends of the DWTS fan spectrum as well as the negative comparisons from Valdaya & Maksyl shippers/fans as a whole.  It all is getting out of hand.

"Don’t be sorry for your comments, just be mindful. I know this is a public forum, I know you have the freedom to say anything you want, but it’s what YOU choose to say about others that says volumes about YOURSELF!"

There is criticism that can help partners improve their dancing and then there is pure hate and negativity.  In the case of the comment he replied to, saying that they will never compare to Valdaya, that is a perfect example of hate and negativity, just like other comments from people who chose to use harsher words. The season is nowhere near done, so instead of claiming they will never reach that level, why not encourage them to push harder and improve more and more? 

It comes down to this. Would you rather be known as the person who was constantly negative and refusing to give people a chance to shine, or the person who encouraged people to improve more and more each week?

anonymous said:

Lord please give the universe a favor and kill yourself!!! Stop tagging dancing with the stars in your stupid and immaturity war ship!! All of you need to grow up

Um I never understand people like you. Shippers in a ship war, criticize each other, and you’re criticizing us and that is somehow different?  That and you’re telling me to kill myself (not when I could live to spite you) and yet you somehow think that I am the one who needs to grow up?


You could just block me, that would be the really GROWN UP THING TO DO