dancing skills

[INSTIZ] EXO member who made a notable progress with his expressions and dance skills

EXO’s Chen, who couldn’t even make a nice turn in debut era

Wannabe Dancing Machine

Clumsy Wolf ‘ㅅ’

Clumsy gesture 'w’

Cute freestyle dance~ 

But suddenly Chen’s expression on stage and his gesture became so natural from Overdose era ;ㅅ; Members say he is really practicing and trying a lot


Great expressions and gestures

And this year’s comeback as complete EXO

Call me baby

The member on the front is Chen


1. I certainly can see how much he tried, so proud

2. When dance line members practice for an hour, Jongdae practices for 4 hoursㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. Awesomeㅠㅠ He really really improved a lot. Now he not only sings well but also dances well, lacks nothingㅠㅠ

4. I knew it’ll be Chen as soon as I read the title

5. Members also say that he tried a lotㅠㅠ They said Jongdae kept asking the choreographer how to dance this and that when it was 10 minute break between their dance practice


I want to be acknowledged for my rap and dance skills” - Ravi, myDol episode 1