First of all, thank o-k-i​ to give me this great idea! I hope you like this :)

Color post: Purple

On this type of “color post” you found a picture with only color for a kimono. It’s interesting because you can see the different combinasions obi/kimono can to be use.

On first picture you can see the maiko Momokazu (now geiko) and the retired maiko Katsumi. (Source)

Katsumi wear a kimono with a soft purple with cloud and flowers motifs. She have a delicate shine with this set. Momokazu wear a hikizuri with big flowers motifs and a deep purple. This kimono accentuate her mysterious shine. You can see that their obi contrast with the purple.

On the second picture is the maiko Sakiko (now geiko).(Source)

She have a beautiful snow kimono! It’s looks so poetic and delicate on she… She looks so perfect on this kimono! I love this picture and this kimono so much. But snow isn’t my favorite motifs…

The retired maiko Kanoka on the third picture. (Source)

She have a total butterfly look. This kimono looks delicate and precious… The motifs are rare and discrete but they are beautiful. Butterfly and the mist on the kimono and a beautiful white and gold obi only with butterfly! Kanoka loos so great…

The retired geiko Kyouka for the fourh picture. (Source)

The dark purple is rare for a geiko but it’s so stunning! Kyouka looks great with this hikizuri. The blue ribbon motifs, dark purple and white and red obi it’s so perfect on she!

For the fifth picture, we looks the maiko Kiyono. (Source)

Kiyono wears a soft purple with a climbing plants. It’s really sweet on she. The soft association of sweet purple, baby blue and green is great! The obi contrast with the soft shine of the kimono. I think this kimono is perfect for Kiyono.

And on the last picture is the retired maiko Takahiro. (Source)

She have a charmistic look with this kimono. The motifs is the petals of cherry blossoms who falling in water. It’s a perfect kimono for spring! Her white obi accentuate the white on her kimono but I don’t really like the orange on her obi. Takahiro is so sweet in this picture,