21 of Liam's most iconic moments.

Happy 21st birthday to @Real_Liam_Payne!  When I started this blog nearly 2 years ago, I would’ve never expected for Liam to do this to me, to make me actually stan for him, and to root for his everything. I’m proud to be a Liam fan, and I hope he continues to give me reasons to be a fan for a long long time. Anyway, To celebrate, we have various posts throughout the day, capturing some of my favorite Liam things, with some pretty special quotes from some of my fave blogs. But, first up, let’s start off with 21 moments in which being a Liam fan was extra great. Enjoy:) And keep a lookout for some love…

1. ALS Challenge


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everyone needs dancin jack on their dash !

I don’t wooooooork tomorrooooooooow

I don’t even care that I need to clean my hoooooooouse

no woooooork and going dancin’ in my Marvel dress awyiss.

kharrisdawndancer said:


Ack. I don’t know if this is three for Desine or one for each of the three boys! Um…I need to flex my brain more for Ixon and Senrose, so I’m going to go with the latter.

1. Desine goes to the Dancing Troll Village to relax, and joins in tribal dances as a fire spinner. In the early days when I first started RPing him, a troll from that village taught him how to fire dance. When they parted ways midway through Wrath as escalating events tore everyone apart, the troll told Desine “always keep dancin’, Mistah Lor’ae.” So he does. It lets him feel like he’s still capable of beauty, somehow, in some way.

2. Ixon doesn’t like to be indoors. Not because he’s an outdoorsy type per se, but because he’s too damned big to fit through your average door naked, let alone in full plate armor, and just him being in a room makes it seem that much smaller and a little claustrophobic. He doesn’t like being cramped in. It makes him feel clumsy.

3. Senrose pretends to be a quiet roughneck, content to sell his services and without a care for fine clothing or manners or even the dirt under his nails, but he was actually born to a noble family and was expected to seek rank and personal advancement as many nobles do. He didn’t lose anything; nothing was violently torn from him. He simply walked away from it, the prince choosing to play the pauper.

i was tagged in a music shuffle thing and i’ve actually wanted to do it for a few days but no computer. i was tagged by garrett babyfricker the little shit

basically you put whatever on shuffle and the first 20 songs to pop up so yay here we go guys get excited

  1. Darkseeker Dogs- James Newton Howard (from the I Am Legend score)
  2. Stay Home- Self (shrek soundtrack)
  3. Many The Miles- Sara Bareilles
  4. Butterfly Fly Away- Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus
  5. Buttons- Sia
  6. I Feel Like Dancin’- All Time Low
  7. Given Up- Linkin Park
  8. What A Catch, Donnie- Fall Out Boy
  9. The Taste of Ink- The Used
  10. Don’t Stop Me Now- Queen
  11. Once Was Love- Ingrid Michaelson
  12. Funhouse- Pink
  13. Breathless- The Corrs
  14. Nine In The Afternoon- Panic at the Disco
  15. Circle The Drain- Katy Perry
  16. Set Off-Hey Monday
  17. I Like It Like That- Hot Chelle Rae
  18. Fidelity- Regina Spektor
  19. Lullaby- Sia
  20. Long Live The Kids- We Are The In Crowd (i cheated on this one)

ok so do i tag people idk like i don’t think anyone cares about this anyway but yeah here you go

They say; "You've got the right to remain on the dance floor. 
So show us what you've got cause you know that you've got more."