Ghazan played the tenor saxophone,

Little Ming-Hua was on the slide trombone.

The combustion bender P’li went crash, boom, bang,

the whole rhythm section was a Red Lotus Gang. 

Lets rock, everybody lets rock.

Everybody in the whole cell block,

was dancin’ to the jailhouse rock.

Zaheer the airbender said to P’li,

'You're the cutest mind-bender I ever did see.

I sure would be delighted with your company,

come on take down the world’s leaders with me.’

Lets rock, everybody let’s rock.

Everybody in the whole cell block,

was dancin’ to the jailhouse rock.”

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"You can tell a lot about someone by what music they listen to" Put your music on shuffle and write down the first 20 songs that come in. Tag 10 people.

Milky Chance (DMMI Club edit)- Stolen Dance 

Take me to church- Hozier 

Tennis Court- Lorde

Dark Paradise- Lana Del Rey

Give me love- Ed Sheeran 

Do i wanna know?- Arctic Monkeys 

Dancin (Remix by KRONO) - Aaron Smith

Be ok- Ingrid Michaelson

Another Love (zwette edit)- Tom Odell 

Brooklyn Baby- Lana Del Rey

Fineshrine- Purity Ring

Gasoline- Troye Sivan <3

To build a home- The Cinematic Orchestra

Touch- Troye SIvan :)

Daughter Run- LCAW Remix

Summer Time Sadness- Lana Del Rey

Fun- Troye Sivan :D

Happy Little Pill- Troye Sivan 

Ritptide (FlicFlac edite)- Vance Joy

Shake, Shake, Shake- Bronze Radio Return


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Some of these songs are really booty-popping material :p  you should check them out! :)

fanofknives said:

Hey you. Lemme just /casually arranges altar to summon the Sorceress via sacrifices and hot nekkid dudes dancin'. Seriously though, what you create is so damn next level it leaves me speechless and I love that. I'm honored, always in your presence, OOC and IC, and I'm grateful for your tolerance of my crazy. You're completely awe inspiring and I love seeing what you do with anyone at all, it's always impressive. Simply put, I completely adore everything about you.

If there ever was validity to the phrase ‘great minds think alike’ I believe it stands unshakeably between you and I.  We tend to place value in the same things, and we certainly mesh on a RP level.  (Although we are long overdue for an encounter and must remedy this soon!)  We both tend to prefer a more cryptic approach to our characters, and we certainly have no qualms with throwing them under the proverbial bus just to observe their behavior like mad scientists gathering information to either prove or disprove a hypothesis.

Every interaction has an equal and opposite reaction.  It is simply a matter of mixing reagents (characters) and watching the chemical reactions take place.  I am both proud and delighted to say that I adore adventuring with you and look forward to more experiments in the future… FOR SCIENCE!!!


fanofknives fanofdaggers 

They say; "You've got the right to remain on the dance floor. 
So show us what you've got cause you know that you've got more."