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With or Without You


anonymous said:

Is Rudy Abreu from SYTYCD from DanceTown??

I’m not sure sorry… Does anyone know? - Ainsleigh

Yes, I believe so. (Spoiler alert - I’m so sad he got voted off, he was incredible. Like, his solo last night?? Amazing!) - Andi
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Ruby and Jonas on America’s Got Talent!

anonymous said:

Actually Maddie won leaving Berlin at jump Miami or Orlando if I remember correctly. She beat Ruby Castro from dancetown. Ruby was 2nd and Mackenzie was 3rd. I mean its not west coast but its still like a somewhat big competition. That being said, I don't think Maddie will be able to beat a lot of the famous little dancers. I think she's def not on the top of the pack, but not necessarily in the bottom either

Ah thanks! I didn’t think they travelled for the jump/nuvo competitions. :)

anonymous said:

Sorry, DanceTown. My iPad loves to autocorrect words... :D

Hahaha that’s fine! I completely understand, my iPod has a habit of doing that too. - Ainsleigh

anonymous said:

Both Rudy and Nick Garcia are from Downtown. That studio really seems to produce wonderful dancers :)

You mean DanceTown?? Omg there are so many dancers on SYTYCD this season from the studios I follow… - Ainsleigh