FREEstyle Fridays and Culture Shock LA presents:

FREEstyle Friday’s One Year Anniversary Celebration

We are proud to have supported our dance community for a solid strong year. Please come celebrate FREEstyle Fridays One Year Anniversary with us!!!

Open session, cyphers, and get downs ALL NIGHT to GREAT MUSIC!!!!

For the past year, FREEstyle Fridays have hosted 4 dance battles, 6 dance workshops, and one benefit dance workshop for the Manila Flood Relief. Freestyle Fridays is an open session aimed to unite and acknowledge all dancers’ desires to improve, get down, and be FREE.

Price: $1 Entree

Date: January 24, 2014

Time: 7-10:00 PM

Music provided by: DJ SoSoJef

Special Guests:

Beat Rhino (American Beatbox Champion 2013/Grand Beatbox Battle 2013 Wildcard winner)


"FREEstyler of the Night" gets CASH/PRIZES
(Must stay till the end of the NIGHT)

Where: Boogiezone Utopia

1951 West Carson Street, Torrance, California 90501

Culture Shock LA, Boogiezone Utopia, and FREEstyle FRIDAYS!!!! @dpdanga @freestyle_fridays #freestylefridaysoneyearanniversary #hiphop #dancelife #dancefree

My students research my dance career during their winter break…they watch Among Bboys and Battle Bboy..this is a drawing one of them gave me after they found out who MPACT was as a dancer…haha…oh no, my super identity have been discovered…Mr. Michael really is MPACT!! Lol #inspiringtheyouth #educating #dancefree #hiphoplife

M-PACT: “I’ll treat you all to a holiday feast or we can train!!” Urban Influence: “No!! We want to train!!” I love and respect these B-people drive and determination…always a student with fire!! @urbaninfluencecrew @kippyui @urban421 @imasterdancemusic @noodles_ui @corvera_jay @edward_ui @selalmeida #eachoneteachone #breaklife #undergroundflow #urbaninfluence #dancefree #hiphop