Dance Pad Necklaces

I might not be the most coordinated dancer but I always have a blast playing dancing games like Just Dance, Dance Central and DDR. I might not win in points and combos but I always win in style. It’s how I always “won” in beer pong too. Trust me, fellow uncoordinated friends, the style win is a victory all in it’s own.

Large Dance Mat Necklaces by Lyndsey Luu (£15). Also available as smaller charms (£12) and in gold.

Can You Beat Ninja Gaiden…With A Dance Pad?

The original Ninja Gaiden is hands down one of the most difficult games on any console. It has been the cause of death for many a NES controller. I can say that I’ve only made it to the final boss a handful of times. Yet, Nick Hagman used a dance pad to pull off this feat (no pun intended.) This task was not a cakewalk as it took Nick eight months to finally make it all the way through. He has chronicled the journey on his YouTube channel, but you can watch the conclusion below. Watch the video Here

It's 12:30 am, and I'm building a DDR dance mat mod.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. Months, even. So I finally got the materials and I’m building it right now.

That’s the vinyl layer for the top, the actual pad itself, and the base, which I’m currently working on. Let’s take a closer look at that.

The white stuff is double-sided carpet tape. That’s going to adhere the mat to the board. The green stuff is duct tape, which is holding down more vinyl. The vinyl is positioned so they’ll be directly under the arrows, creating a helpful and nice feeling bump.


Here’s me without my feet on the vinyl bumps. I’m clearly not impressed. With anything. And I’m judging you through the camera.

Now I put one foot on the bump in front of me.

That’s much better! The nice feeling of my foot on the bump has positively affected my disposition. I’m enjoying life. Maybe I want to sing a song. Maybe I want to bake a cake. Maybe I’m plotting the deaths of my family members and I’m smiling while daydreaming about turning my parents’ room into a ball pit. The possibilities are endless!

Now I’m going to put both feet on the vinyl bump…




[The somewhat interesting thing I did today!]

I’m going to try a thing. It’s basically going to be a diary of the most interesting thing I did each day. xD

So today I sewed a soft DDR pad to a board with holes in it! Then had to rewire the USB end I’d previously added because the white wire broke… THEN found out the down arrow only works sometimes so now I’m going to be destroying the entire pad cause I’d really like to know what it’s insides look like anyway! I think I’m just going to buy another soft pad that’s made for PC too. xDD

Also have a pic of my other pad I taped to a board without holes! That one works at least but I want 2P. ;_;

Hey Tumblr Friends

I’m interested in buying DDR and may eventually want to get a metal dance pad. However, when I look around Amazon I’m having trouble finding a metal dance pad with good reviews that isn’t for PS2. I have a PS3 and a solid gaming PC and I’m willing to get the game for either. 

Do any of you have any recommendations for a good sturdy dance pad, or thoughts on PC vs. PS3 for DDR?