Kendall in the wings after forgetting a section of her solo…

Did anyone else notice that when Kendall started to cry the cameramen kept trying to zoom in her face and she kept turning around and giving them her back? I mean, it must be really annoying having people follow you the whole day and not being able to even be upset in peace.

Why did the girls do the show ?

To gain opportunities from it. They dance every week in hope of being noticed. And that’s what happened with Maddie she was picked out for her TALENT. And that is NOT an opportunity being handed to you that’s someone recognising your talent. You wanna tell me all those artist that where noticed even by chance had the opportunity handed to them ? No , they deserved it , they worked hard developing their skills and were rightfully noticed. You simply can’t deny that Chloe has an advantage over a lot of young actors trying to start out because of dance moms and her fandom. And a lot of her opportunities have been boosted by that. She has that privilege. And I happen to think auditioning is a very good too . But what annoys me is when people try and act like it’s BETTER.


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