jojo is very well spoken for an 11 year old girl. I feel like a lot of people assume she isn’t smart bc she’s loud or blonde ect. but how she speaks is just incredibly mature. It’s so funny how the producers and the show seem to depict Jojo in a certain light but when you ACTUALLY get to know her she’s sweet and smart.

That time I cried watching Dance Moms #TeamNia

I’m sure all of maybe three people will care about this post, but *even though you don’t* please watch this short little clip from the first season of Dance moms and at least part of the music video five years later.

Dance Moms Introducing Nia

Nia Sioux “Star In Your Own Life”

You can keep reading if you wanna know I’m so emotional right now.  I’ll keep it short, I promise.

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The characters on the front of the script are:

Alex age 14
Nick age 14
Bet(?) possible name is Beth, is a mom, age is in her 30’s
Devon age 14, it’s written that she’s a “cute girl”.
Jonathan Ba(?)(?)n, age is in his 40’s.

Now we don’t know who Nia went in for, she could be going for a minor character, but hopefully she went for Devon cause the characters above seem to be the main. In any case, it seems Nia got a call back, meaning if they already didn’t pick Nia, then the casting directors narrowed it down, and Nia made it to the next round for whatever part she went in for.