My entry in the BLFC2015 dance comp. I took 1st place (veteran’s) with it! Congrats to all the other finalists and ALL MY LOVE to ALL the dancerfurs, period!

paramore bars on my cast thanks to roeyjoca at dance tonight. as silly as it may seem, this has been an extremely difficult recovery. not being able to dance for the past 2 months and the next upcoming 2 months (not to mention all of the complications I’ve had with this surgery already) has been almost unbearable. I am so very blessed to have such great support from my friends and family and this little reminder on my cast that it’s ok and this will soon be over. yelyahwilliams


Bananas Wit: I’m present-day Bananas Wit, and I assure you that you’re not in the 1920s. You see, one of my doppelgangers [nicknamed “Witty”] and his flapper girlfriend [Sarsaparilla Hoofer] have permeated plenty of my posts for a while now, causing my blog to–for want of a better metaphor–dance the Charleston on a flagpole. But since Mod Wit’s gonna see to it that their twenties tomfooleries won’t get in the way anymore, everything will be back to normal soon (Well, depending on how you define “normal”).