[#DANCE #FESTIVAL] #DanceAfrica 2015: #AfricanDance Master Class 
Presented by @BAM_Brooklyn x @MarkMorrisDance 
Monday, May 25 | 12pm
Mark Morris Dance Group Center | 3 Lafayette Avenue Brooklyn, NY
Admission: $12

This workshop in African-Brazilian dance will be lead by Nildinha Fonseca and accompanied by Balé Folclórico da Bahia’s five percussionists. The class will be based on the Orisha´s dances, the first link of the ancestral movements to modern African dance in Brazil. From these roots all Brazilian folkloric and popular dances were developed, especially in Bahia - where nearly 10 million African slaves landed during the colonial period. Today, the modern Brazilian African dance carries traces of this ancestry but has been also influenced by Latin rhythms. The ijexá, the ramunha, samba, axé and the African Carnival in Brazil will be visited in this workshop.

For people with intermediate to advanced dance experience.

About Dance Africa

The nation’s largest festival dedicated to African dance returns for its 38th year, bringing together performance, art, film, and an array of community events for an exhilarating celebration of culture from Africa and its diaspora. Dance Africa returns this Memorial Day weekend, celebrating the transatlantic roots of Brazil’s vibrant music and dance traditions. In addition to weekend performances featuring Afro-Brazilian dance troupe Balé Folclórico da Bahia and select New York companies, the festival includes FilmAfrica programming, master classes, a late night dance party, and the one-and-only outdoor bazaar.

This year’s edition celebrates Brazil, tracing the transatlantic roots of the country’s vibrant music and dance traditions. Headlined by Afro-Brazilian dance troupe Balé Folclórico da Bahia, 2015 marks the last year that Baba Chuck Davis will lead the festival as Artistic Director.

Catch Balé Folclórico da Bahia and select New York dance troupes in the annual Memorial Day weekend performances. And don’t miss the one-and-only outdoor bazaar, FilmAfrica, and many other events. Ago! Amee!

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Ballerina dance and dance again
even as this cold world 
your last illusion shatters
ballerina twirling free
pirouette for all to see
it’s the artistry alone that matters
you may never curtsy to applause
or be bathed in critical acclaim 
yet if you dance, dream and believe
you’ll be a ballerina all the same


Day 3 Dance of Champions from the 2015 Australian International Oireachtas