You Could Be a Politician
  • You Could Be a Politician
  • Analog Rebellion
  • Cavanaugh, Something (Pre-Sides and Varieties)

Song: You Could Be A Politician

Artist: Analog Rebellion

Album: Cavanaugh, Something (Pre-Sides and Varieties)

“If you could speak as well as you give head, you could be a politician. A real successful heavyweight, firebreathing senator from the north. If you would read books as much as you drink, you’d be Steven Hawking, but who am I kidding, you’re a worthless washed up waste of air. If i could have a dollar for every time that you complained about your parents. I don’t give a shit, they’re not that much worse than anybody else’s. I’m not talking to anymore bloody lawyers. We’re not talking to anymore god damned lawyers I hear by refuse to speak to any additional lawyer. I will die before I talk to another god damned fucking lawyer.”