no but guys can we pls talk about how

after phil says “that’s beautiful, dan” and puts the drawing away, dan just sorta

looks as though he’s about to say “thank you“ but then stops himself and

gets the goofiest most smitten grin ever 

before eventually bursting into giggles with phil

because this has to be one the cutest moments that happened tonight


- So thank you very much once again. It does mean a huge amount to me. I am sorry I can’t be there with you, I’m actually filming at the moment. But have a fantastic evening, and thank you again.

Daniel Radcliffe accepts the award for Celebrity Straight Ally of the Year via recorded video at the British LGBT Awards


Phil Liveshow 4.26.2015

  • #danandphil
  • putting japan in the book
  • the aesthetic phil selfie was unsuccessful
  • themed cafes in japan - alpaca and lion lattes
  • hey buddy you in London - thought was funny - collective high five to us
  • phil was eating more watermelon sourpatch
  • japhan haul? maybe maybe not
  • japan was made for short people so they had trouble walking through doorways
  • japan was really clean and smelt like flowers
  • their tour will be better than the lion king musical
  • their show will be like dan and phil crafts for two hours
  • call from louise - talk about NY and then wanted to watch their liveshow
  • going to NYC for a couple days for youtube thingy
  • phil is excited for american pancakes
  • dan has been playing dance dance revolution and bought a mat for it
  • filming videos after liveshow
  • new danisnotonfire and gaming video this week maybe
  • probably no dan liveshow on tuesday because they will be in NY and it’s Louise’s birthday 
  • dan drew the monster for the drawing game