I just posted this on my recent video. I would really apprecitate it f I stopped getting hate over the “Dan and Phil Apartment Tour” video. It’s been literally weeks, and I still get a lot of messages on tumblr and twitter telling me that Dan and Phil would want a restraining order made towards me for doing this. 

For example:

You may just be kidding, but it’s not obvious and I get so many messages on Twitter and Tumblr about how I should go to jail for this. It really bothers me.

Although i’ve joked about being a stalker and the phandom have joked about it and a lot of people are so sweet and think it’s really cool I did this, there is a bigger part that think that this is not a good thing to have public. I don’t see anything I did that was ‘stalking’ aka illegal, but tell you which doors lead to where, by using THEIR PUBLIC VIDEOS. I kind of wanted to rant about this for a long time, but I thought it would pass. Guess what, it hasn’t and it’s really important to me that you know that nothing I did was wrong. Thanks for reading all this.


150528 M!Countdown next week - EXO

a quick round up of shinee’s points per category for their “m!countdown” win! they took over big bang in every category minus sms and pre-voting. to point out, “m!countdown” is the most difficult music show to win on due to the areas of criteria being so spread out. the score was very close regardless and, if we want shinee to have a shot at another win on the show next week, we need to focus on every single area of criteria, but especially the two areas that we lost in this week. pre-voting for the show is also known as popularity score; the results are gathered through the global, japanese and korean online voting polls. sns, also known as social media score, is all about the official youtube mv score. both areas are worth 10% of the score percentage, rounding up to a grand total of 20% of the final score. pre-voting for this coming week of the show (which shinee could still very well take in another award on) will begin on friday, may 29th at 11am kst and end on monday, june first at 9am kst you can find the global voting site here and the japanese voting site here. you can find more information on how voting on both sites works via support shinee. as for mv views: yes, shinee has accumulated over four million on youtube and that is very good but those four million views were had last week so they count toward this week of music shows. it’s already almost friday in south korea and “view” has only brought up half a million views. shinee’s biggest competition on music shows next week is going to be kara and big bang (again): kara’s music video has already brought in 300k more views than shinee’s since it’s release at the start of the week and big bang’s has also brought in more. we have three more days for sure to raise the views, so let’s please to try and focus on getting a good million or more views before the week comes to an end! the video can be found here and a guide on how to increase views quickly can be found in the linked. these views will also help shinee on every other music show next week!


m!countdown - 150528
congrats shinee! #view2ndwin


150527 show champion - opening + backstage interview + 1st win + encore (eng sub)