I want to make dan and phil a video. I want pictures of you guys holding up handmade signs to  Toxic by Melanie Martinez. I would love to have this all put together before vidcon (July 23-25). So I need photos by the 20th of June at the latest  So if you are interested send me an ask and I will give you your lyric. Remember this is an appreciation video. Please help me do this. We need 866 people

Alright, guys, here’s another one! (Not my photo, just reposting it.) We all know Phil is one of the most creative, hardworking and original people on this site. He is one of the earliest big channels and rarely gets credit for his talent. We need to do this, if we don’t make it to TCA with #ChoiceFandom, then we can make it there with #ChoiceYouTuber. #PHILFORTCA

anonymous asked:

ok this is a bit sad but i feel like dan has been really hard on himself lately, and he just doesn't seem as happy and confident on his live shows. i love dan sooo much and i just wish he knew that we support him in anything he does. have you noticed this too or is it just me?

Yeah I’ve noticed it too actually, to a degree. 

I think his live-shows fluctuate with how he feels. His last live-show I think he seemed a lot happier than normal (he said he is generally happy with life!!!), probably because their work with the book is basically finished, but his confidence with his opinions seems to be a bit shaky. 

With his “waffles” (basically porn to me because I think it’s attractive af), I don’t think he realizes it’s okay to say them on live-shows, and that we actually love it.

Even then, I wouldn’t say he isn’t confident with his opinions. In fact, I think he’s fairly confident with his opinions because they are well thought out and he knows it. I just think he is timid with sharing them with the internet because, let’s be honest, one wrong word can cause a shit storm (not his fault but it’s bound to happen). I also think he doesn’t want to offend anyone either. 

He probably doesn’t want to really share them in a live environment because if he is anything like me, I like to articulate things out in my head before I tell others in order to make sure exactly what I’m thinking is translated to those I’m communicating to. He might be the same way, idk.

But in general I think he’s happier than normal. I’ll definitely watch out next live-show for this though, just in case! 

After uploading that music video for the Daisuke Asakura remix of Your Affection, Atlus also went ahead and threw up another character trailer for Persona 4: Dancing All Night for the first time in a month! Finally, something to subtitle again!

O, Oh.

It’s Japanese Teddie.

I, uh, tried to make the best of this, so… let’s just try to get through this time together, folks. Less than a month to go until the Japanese release. We can do it.

We can do it.