So if you love me, let me go||Damon & Katherine

Katherine had snuck out that morning, quite undetected after leaving a note which would explain her disappearance. Not that he would probably notice or care, after all these years he was used to her leaving without explanation, another problem with another face from the past or an original had stepped into the state and Katherine loved to keep her distance from them all; even including Rebekah at times. Taking one last look at the sleeping vampire who had given her so much- and yet taken it all away- and smile fondly, making sure to leave the note somewhere where he would see it. Basically it explained that there was some sort of emergency; not that she specified what it was and that she would see him in a decade or so. Probably wouldn’t sleep with him again though, that had been a mistake on a colossal scale; even if it had been ground breakingly good. “Bye.” She whispered softly for the last time, neatly avoiding his guard of sired vampires who kept an eye out pretty much twenty four hours and crept round the back into the garage where she knew she would find a rather smart convertible. As usual, she wasn’t disappointed and quickly retrieved the keys from a hook in the wall; knowing that he wouldn’t give a fuck if she took it or not.

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Poison | Damon & Serena

Damon’s tent seemed just as good a place as any to visit that night. Despite everything that happened – despite the fact that not even a week ago she had decided to stop consuming vampire blood for good – Serena was giving in. After the initial shock, her gut reactions, the paranoid fear that something would happen, that Damon would request she give him something in return, she had calmed significantly. It’s going to be fine, she repeated as she fetched herself a sweater before leaving her own tent and quickly making her way to his. It seemed like Serena’s problems never stopped increasing, the negative influences in her life overpowering the positive. Truthfully, the only positive influence at the moment was Nate. Her friendship with Blair had fallen to pieces, her addiction still controlled her, and even though she hadn’t always realized it, he had never stopped being her light at the end of the tunnel. He was the one person she could turn to in her times of need.

Now, though — now she didn’t know where else to turn. There are some problems too paramount to discuss with others, the sort of things that a person needs to work out for themselves. Serena realized now that she had been going about this problem all wrong. Her equation, her formula, was entirely incorrect. The means and the ends didn’t measure up, they didn’t equate, it was just a trick of the light, a smudge on her non-existent whiteboard. Cutting herself off entirely would only make her crave the substance more, and perhaps she simply needed to learn to limit her intake. Then and only then could she attempt to stop for good.

“Hi,” she said nervously as she stepped inside his tent, biting down hard on her bottom lip. “I’m going to go ahead and assume that you know what I came here for? I don’t need to explain myself? Because I-I really just want to get it over with…” 

Not Fade Away | Delena

Dear Diary,

It happens most nights. I’ll be sweetly dreaming something – nothing too special or memorable – when I’m called back to consciousness and promptly thrust awake with a gasp, a surge of pain. I’m unable to move in that moment; sometimes I’m even unable to breathe. And so I lie there on my back, distressed and overwhelmed by discomfort, by everything that I’m feeling but always fail to express. I don’t understand what’s going on half of the time. Not anymore. It’s like I’m being pulled in two completely opposite directions with equal intensity. There was a time when it wasn’t equal, when it wasn’t even close to being equal. That concept is still hard to grasp.

In my mind, I relive the moment over and over again my head. Each time, the scenery is different. It never looks the same. I can’t remember it, but I know what he told me. I know what was said. And although it changes every single time, the ending always remains the same. He says what he needs to say, I stand there motionless, and he disappears.

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surprise, surprise || elena & damon

It only took a few seconds for Elena to reach her house and that actually made her smile. God, if there was one thing that she truly loved about this whole vampire thing it was the speed! It was a lot of fun to use this new ability and it helped her to try and see a few positive points about being a vampire. By now it was finally starting to get easier for Elena to accept what it was. She couldn’t pretend to be happy about it, but the last three days made it very clear; She was still herself, vampire or not. She could always be herself as long as she continued to fight to hold onto her humanity, as long as she found the right diet for herself. Maybe she could make it through eternity, even if she missed the options she’d lost, even if she’d always miss them.

Elena walked up the stairs and grabbed a few things she’d probably need, though the whole ‘bring a change of clothes’ thing confused her a little. She had absolutely no idea what Damon planned on doing, she couldn’t really imagine that he wanted to have some kind of a slumber party with her even if Elena seemed to be the new queen of those. She left her room again and walked back into the living room, getting a piece of paper and a pen so she could leave a note for Jeremy…. She didn’t know if he was going to come home, things were tense between them, but if he did she wanted him to know that she was still there. That she didn’t just leave and move out without telling him a thing about it.

She eventually left her house again, hesitating for a few moments. Did she want to take the car or did she want to run? She decided to go with the latter so she moved her bag over her shoulder, starting to run toward the Salvatore Mansion.

It felt a little awkward to head there when she avoided the place for months and she could only hope that Stefan wasn’t there too. Elena still cared about Stefan, she wanted them to be friends, but some distance was nice for now. They were more like strangers than anything else and she wasn’t sure what to do about it yet. It was a little different with Damon, even if people like Caroline and Tyler judged her for this. He killed Matt, she was supposed to be angry, but she was tired of it. She didn’t want to feel hatred and honestly? He seemed to be the only person of her old friends that wanted to fix this. He didn’t return and push her away, he didn’t turn his humanity off, he was just…. there. Elena forced these thoughts out of her mind and she stopped running once she reached the Mansion, knocking on the door. She was almost curious to know what Damon planned on doing, but whatever it was she’d try to let him cheer her up. He was right, they had to stop being so sad.