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This is a VHS release of a brutal and effective low-budget film by William Burgess. Don’t let the term “low-budget” turn you off, this film gathers all it’s resources and packs a punch. We here at VHSCOVERJUNKIE love this film and look forward to Burgess’s next feature film! Keep an eye out for a special degraded appearance by cult-filmmaker Damon Packard in this entertaining freakiness, which runs in the vein of films such as “House at the Edge of the Park”.

This film is available on VHS or DVD along with a bunch of other CRAZY stuff over at http://duff.storenvy.com


I think this is my favorite movie of the summer.


Reflections of Evil (Damon Packard, 2002)

Damon Packard’s Reflections of Evil is difficult to describe. The synopsis on IMDB summarizes it with “Julie, who died of a PCP overdose as a teen in the early ‘70s, searches from beyond the ethers for her little brother, Bob, an obese watch-seller, who is dying of sucrose intolerance, in the early '90s.” It has been called the Eraserhead of the new millennium, which may be appropriate. 

The film is an insane collage of nightmarish comedy. Damon Packard (b. 1967) began making films at the age of 11. He struggled to make his underground films with him own money and went through periods of homelessness until receiving an inheritance from a deceased relative. He used this money to fund his next film, Reflections of Evil. He pressed 23,000 dvd copies of the film, which he gave away for free. The film has received some attention amongst the underground film community, but Packard and his films remain largely unnoticed. His films are psychedelic explosions of bricolage madness. He lives in Los Angeles where he continues to make films and support the underground film community.

Reflections of Evil can be seen in it’s entirety at Packard’s youtube page. Follow the link below to the playlist for the film:



Part 1 of the bizarre masterpiece that is Damon Packard’s “Reflections on Evil,” a spooky and candid gem on paranoia. 


Midnight, tonight, Friday May 31: Damon Packard’s Reflections of Evil!


In preparation for the cool new stuff we’re letting out of the bag tomorrow, I glanced through our older videos and revisited this piece of insane brilliance. I am a huge, huge fan of Los Angeles based guerrilla filmmaker Damon Packard and his magnum opus Reflections Of Evil. A few years ago, I reached out to him to commission a couple of videos for songs from House With A Curse. It took many months and he never was able to film any new footage (or complete the second video) but finally he gave me this clip for “Skeleton Smile,” the song that kicked off side two of HWAC and had guest vocals from Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, one of my favorite singers on the planet. The video begins with some random footage of cats fighting then descends into pure insanity with clips from Packard’s Reflections Of Evil and bits from Grizzy and Three On A Meathook, both directed by Louisville-born 70’s exploitation champ William Girdler, as well as sections from Packard’s Grizzy Redux, his extended and enhanced psychotronic re-edit of Girdler’s original film. All of this comes together to form one of my favorite pieces of Coliseum history that ties in some great past and present Louisville figures, truly gonzo filmmaking, and our music splayed out on top. Long live Damon Packard.


Never watch this movie


Os OVNI~Love~new music video by the awesome Damon Packard))))>

Repressed Horrors of Halloween at the Hollywood Theatre tonight

It’s the season of the witch. Presenting a compilation of three horror shorts tonight at the lovely Hollywood. 7:30 pm. $8.





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OS OVNI :: Something in the Sky

Dreamtime Psychedelic Pop for Aliens and Time Travellers

by Yorba Zergot

Logan Owlbeemoth and love vigilante Omebi Velouria dissipate the dreamspace with sweet and sour sonic chronic and loved up dubs. OS OVNI (Already well known for their collaborations with HOW I QUIT CRACK and for their run-away preformance and cameo as prophetic hypno space wizards and time bandits as pentet Telepathik Friend in Damon Packards 2007 film “Space Disco One”

The love telepathy of mystical/pagan lyrics infuse this psychedelic and glowing pop duo until faces melt and you are slowly gazed into an endorphin crazed, paralyzing, glamorous chill wave of vibration  .. This charasmatic and colorful duo are revered for their live, improbable, and sometimes impossibly perfect execution of music, mischief, and magic during live shows allowing for public displays of power and affection. The cavalier, and always charming duo capture audiences in a way that allows for exploration of otherly realms of trans-dimensional teleportation.

Enjoy the new video from MIAMI and AUSTIN bi-located duet. It’s the time travelling spiced duet from the planet Arrakis, OS OVNI.