Ada hari di mana aku benar-benar mempedulikanmu dan kau acuhkan itu. Dan akan ada hari di mana kamu benar-benar peduli padaku tapi aku sudah tak mau mengenalmu lagi.
Check it out," Archer says, an waves one leather-jacketed arm in a wide arc to frame the view. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the Great Ocean of Wasted Sperm…."
All ejaculate, according to Archer, expelled in masturbatory emissions over the course of human history, at least since Onan - it all trickles down to accumulate here. Likewise, he explain, all blood shed on Earth trickles down and collects in Hell. All tears. Every spit gob spat on the ground ends up hereabouts.
“Since the introduction of VHS tapes and the Internet,” Archer says, “this ocean has been rising at record rates.
—  Damned, Chuck Palahniuk
The Damned Ship

I sail a damned ship, a sinking ship, a ghost ship

only three dair sail the damned ship

The loyal first mate, willing to fallow the caption to the pits of hell.

the insane caption, A damned man waiting his judgment and hoping for redemption,

The waking irony, A shining rain that doesn’t know how incredible she is but insists that she is a failure

-The Author