damn I miss her so much

She’s so pretty with her sweet smile and her knowing eyes, and every now and then I liked to break her heart. There were nights she stayed up drinking because she missed me, only to find out that no how much she drank, the burn of the whiskey couldn’t erase the taste of my name. I know sometimes she sat staring at the wall in the middle of another sleepless night, wondering if I was thinking about her too. And god knows that every time one of our songs came on the radio or she passed a white truck on the road, I crossed her mind. Every second of every day, she was thinking about me. She faked her smiles and tried to have fun with her friends, but she was broken inside and tried so desperately to put herself back together. The sunshine brought her happiness, but some days I took that away from her too. There’s so much beauty in that, though, you know? God I never wanted to hurt her, but I couldn’t help it. She’s pretty when she’s safe and secure, but when she’s broken and trying to figure out how to shine again, she is so incredibly beautiful. Every now and then I broke her heart, but I could never stay away for long. 
—  If I could read your mind

I got to meet my best friend for the first time 😍😍 and it was beyond amazing!! I miss you so much already. I was so nervous meeting you, since we talk everyday on FaceTime. Your hugs were the best thing and I enjoyed seeing you smile. I didn’t want to leave :( it sucks. I wish you weren’t so far away. 💔 I hope to see you again soon. Before I leave, because I miss you so damn much :( this picture is perfect even tho it’s blurry. You’re my best friend and I love you so so much. It will be hard leaving Vegas 😫 nelly-95

They’re in legal trouble. More specifically, Jane is in legal trouble, but there is no way in hell Darcy’s going to hang her best friend out to dry, so they are both in legal trouble.

Thankfully, Darcy knows a guy.

“You know,” Darcy says, pushing her way into Nelson and Murdock without knocking. “For a couple of Columbia Law hotshots, this place is kinda a shit hole.”

“And here I was, afraid that you’d changed.” Darcy grins at Foggy’s familiar voice and opens her arms for a hug. He looks exactly the same, from the swept-back hair that could probably use a wash, to the shit-eating grin. Damn, Darcy had forgotten how much she missed him. She and Foggy go way back, as in, they grew up together. He was the only one whose snark was on par with hers and she kicked the crap out of anyone who gave him any trouble. Which was often, considering his inability to know when to stop talking. “It’s great to see you, Darce.”

“Likewise,” Darcy says warmly, before remembering the reason they’re here. “Foggy, this is Jane.”

“Ah, so you’re the one who’s been keeping her in line,” Foggy says, shaking Jane’s hand.

“It’s the other way around.” Jane explains. “Darcy dragged me here, but I’m the one who’s in trouble.”

“And what seems to be the trouble?” Darcy turns to see a man with a cane and glasses walking in, accompanied by a pretty young woman. At first, she assumes that they’re dating before noticing how Foggy’s the first thing she looks at. Way to go, Fog-man, Darcy thinks. Good for him.

“Matt,” Foggy jumps in with the introductions. “This is Darcy Lewis and Jane Foster. Darcy’s an old friend of mine from back in the day, and she called as said she needed help so I said we’d take them on.” From the way he says it, Darcy can guess that he’s not usually the one to take on spur-of-the-moment clients.  

“So you’re the blind bestie?” Darcy asks, sticking out her hand before retracting it just as quickly. Right, blindness.

 “Darcy,” Jane says sharply but Matt just laughs.

“That would be me. Nice to meet you Darcy. Jane.” Darcy raises an eyebrow that he can’t see, because Matt might be blind, but all of his attention is trained on Jane. Foggy had mentioned his friend’s spooky ability to pick out beautiful women in a crowd, and it turns out he wasn’t exaggerating. “Let’s sit and you can tell us what the problem is.” They all, including the pretty blonde who’s introduced as Karen, sit down in the small conference room, and Jane and Darcy tell the story in bits and pieces. The long and the short of it is that the government was interfering in one of Jane’s experiments – again – and Jane got pissed off, broke into the facility, and took her stuff back. And now they’re being charged with theft and breaking and entering. Foggy and Matt start to come up with a plan and Jane adds what she can – she’s been in legal trouble before, but never of this magnitude. Darcy usually is enough to get her off the hook, but not this time. And even though she’s lost in all of this legal jargon, she can’t help but notice that Matt is really turning on the charm for Jane, who seems oblivious. Typical Jane Foster. Foggy, however, is not, and shoots Darcy despairing looks out of the corner of his eye. Clearly, this behavior is standard. Darcy can’t blame the blind guy though. Jane is brilliant and gorgeous and one of the best people ever. He could do worse than her.

They’re still strategizing when there’s a knock on the door. Karen goes to answer it and looks stunned when she shows Bucky into the conference room. Foggy’s mouth damn near hits the floor and even Matt cocks his head, no doubt hearing the metallic whirring of Bucky’s arm. Darcy laughs before she can stop herself. She can’t blame them. In a tight, short-sleeve shirt with his arm uncovered, his hair up in that sexy sexy man-bun that gets Steve going, and exuding an undeniable air of violence, Bucky cuts a striking figure to those who don’t know him. Those who do know him know that he’s a fucking nerd, but a very intimidating one.

“Okay, new plan,” Foggy says, recovering first. “Whatever you do next, make sure that you take him with you.”

I feel like my animals is all I got and the girls, I have been away from London one day and I already miss my babies so much, should of just packed Prada down in my Prada bag and take her with me, but then it woulden´t be fair for Teddy, Hatchi, Sky or Tiger. Damn it

I think about how, a year from now,
I won’t be here anymore.
Leaving this city feels a lot like dying,
and I want it so badly.
Los Angeles has the kiss of a guillotine
when she bites my neck:
I love it too much. I don’t tell her to stop.
Every time I plan out my goodbye,
all I can say is “I’ll miss you”,
and it’s pathetic, being this dependent
on something so unavailable.
Somewhere along the way
I fell in love with Los Angeles
and I didn’t ever mean to,
but she’s too much for me—
she has too many ghosts inside of her heart
and I’m too scared to meet them.
When they all want to shake my hand,
I run.
I find myself running to the arms
of Seattle, of San Francisco,
of anyone else willing to hold me
who isn’t so damn haunted.

It won’t be easy to leave her behind,
but she doesn’t try to stop me.
She knows I’ll always come crawling back.
—  12. moving out | a.v.

Da Mouth 大嘴巴 feat. Pauline Lan 藍心湄《Funky 那個女孩》

DAMN THIS IS AMAZING!!!! YESSHHH~~ DM IS BACK!!!! The song is so damn awesome!!!!! Plus the MV left me pretty breathless too!!! They made the one take shoot so creative!!! Although the drawback is the limelight is totally taken away from my three boys, especially Chung Hua. BUT GOD DAMN AISA IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! This genre is perfect for her!!!! What she’s wearing, the dance!!! AISAAAA <3 I MISS  DM SO MUCH!!!! I’ve forgotten about my beloved 40 for so long!!! THAT SMILE!!! THAT SMIRK <3

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The idea of Eddie becoming set mascot makes me really happy for some reason, if she joins the family in Scotland there will probably be pics of her with Sam too, just saying! We're gonna need the warm fuzzies because the show is going to be overwhelming, heart attack inducing, drama central so I have my fingers crossed

Haha so damn cute. I’m so happy that Cait is finally going to have her baby back. She probably missed her so much. A picture of Sam and Eddie would be amazing :) 

( I’m really starting to miss Monarch’s blog whoops )

And now we’re back. Flump.

I’ve tucked neverrwhere into bed because she’s not slept for like three days and her body thinks it’s currently 8am. Later there will be takeout.

Thank all of you lovelies who’ve been sending messages and liking the posts. I know Nev’s sent a few excited messages, but for most of the (REALLY LONG) journey home, we’ve just been listening to audiobooks and being buttheads at eachother, I’ve missed her so damn much <3

Casie and Daisy were buried together right here, in front of my studio window. Casie (almost 18 years old) seemed to enjoy laying in this spot and I enjoyed feeling her fur under my feet, giving her massages. So, in a sense, she will still rest beneath my feet while I sit in my chair, garden, or be there in her spot while I work in the studio. We are going to be lost for a while, me most of all. It hurts badly, more than anyone could ever understand, but I will mend in time. I feel like she’s here with us tonight, and that is comforting to a degree. I love you potato, you were the best and I will miss you so damn much. Life feels much less bright without you.