“I honestly think that my hero in real life is you. It’s so inspiring to me and I look up to you so much because you inspire other young women around the world to follow their dreams. It’s so important to me to be able to sit and watch, you know, in the background of young girls running up to you, and at the games and getting your autographs and thinking that you really are special because you really are special. The way that they want to follow their dreams and be like you says so much to me.”

Imagine Sam’s Reaction When You Drunk Call Him and Confess Your Feelings


“Y/N? Where are you?” Sam asked with a chuckle, as you giggled on the other end. 

“Sam, I got a secret!” You giggled again as your friends laughed too. “Im in love with a guy!” you yelled out happily. Sam, having feelings for you since you had started hunting with him and Dean, suddenly got a little defensive. 

“What guy? Garth?” he asked, anger dripping from his voice. 

“No silly….I love you!” you said giggling again before hanging up. 

It is with heavy hearts that we bring you the news that one of the fighting game community’s brightest stars is leaving us. None other than the Beast himself, Mad Catz’ Daigo Umehara, has announced his retirement from fighting games.
One of the genre’s greatest competitors, Umehara’s career has spanned more than a decade, with numerous storied rivalries with players such as Level|Up Series’ Alex Valle and Evil Geniuses’ Justin Wong. It was in a match with the latter in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike that the now hyper-famous Evo Moment #37 occured.
His other accomplishments include being the first and only back-to-back champion in Street Fighter IV at Evolution as well as winning multiple Super Battle Operas. Additionally, he became an author with his book “The Will to Keep Winning” back in 2012.
As for his future plans, Umehara will be joining Japanese cloud based accounting software provider freee.  The company has released the following video, where Umehara discusses how he will transition to the corporate world.