What’s that? RDJ is in a new movie where he:

Plays a lawyer
Dresses like Tony
Talks to a little girl with dark hair
Waters plants
Answers a phone that looks a lot like a Blackberry
Wears the kind of bracelets he may have stolen from, say, a curly haired child welfare attorney he married

I am so fucked come October.

goddammit. like, bloody hell. i was looking for some gifs on Google for another post and you know what i came across? this:

this motherfucker. this is a baby faced, young RDJ. and holy hell. how dare he. how dare he look that fucking adorable. that fucking smile and those fucking eyes. anime eyes, look at how they fucking shine. so fucking cute. shouldn’t be real.

so here you go my followers. have some baby faced, young adorable RDJ to ruin make your day. now i’m going to go look up some young!tony fics on AO3 and picture young!tony looking like this.