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i’ve completely forgotten James McAvoy was a guest in one episode. (i know there are so many more actors but i couldn’t put them in one graphic)… and OMG! IT’S SHANE TAYLOR AND NOT SEAN TAYLOR (thanks anon, i’m so confused)

Band of Brothers - just… look at this glorious cast!


Imagine you are sitting down to dinner with your wife and children. Out of the sky, as if thrown by an angry God, a drone strike hits and destroys all of them. Who is the terrorist?

It’s the last day of Ramadan. A young man enters a Shia village, pushing a cart full of candy and toys. He waits in the school playground for all the children to gather, then he reaches back and flips a switch.

(Homeland, s02e10)

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Naomie Harris Set for John le Carre Adaptation ‘Our Kind of Traitor’

From one spy thriller to another. Naomie Harris, who originated the Miss Moneypenny role in “Skyfall” for the Daniel Craig-led reboot of the James Bond franchise, is in final negotiations to play the female lead in John le Carre adaptation “Our Kind of Traitor,” according…