The Quidditch Date (one shot) by sexbornpoison
Sebastian sighed in disappointment, though he expected this reaction from the younger boy.“What happened in Hooch’s classes when we were first years? Didn’t you go to them?” “Not really, no. I always had excuses not to go, until McGonagall confronted me.”
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Because there can never be enough HP AUs with Kurtbastian. I love this one, Sebastian is being so sweet but still himself. 

Kurtbastian fic - 'F**k Buddies (Chapter 3)

Kurt is in a rut - alone and on his own in New York, craving human contact, but always somehow finding himself climbing back into his ex-boyfriend’s bed. He doesn’t necessarily need a relationship, just a good lay every once in a while. Along comes Sebastian Smythe with an offer Kurt just can’t seem to refuse.

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They don’t speak a word to each other on the car ride to Sebastian’s place. It’s not as if Sebastian is ignoring Kurt or purposefully being distant. Actually, the absolute opposite is true, and it stuns Kurt. The moment they sit in the back of the car, Sebastian pulls Kurt into his arms and holds him back-to-chest the whole ride, as if Sebastian needs Kurt close, as if he missed having him around…and they’d only spoken once. It takes Kurt’s breath away in a sense – to have this sexy man miss the idea of him so much.

The car ride in total lasts literally a whole five minutes, and Sebastian holds Kurt the whole way, burying his nose into Kurt’s hair and breathing him in deeply. Kurt settles into this unexpected behavior from the man who seemed so clear about his intentions before – sex with no other attachments.

Kurt didn’t factor cuddling into that equation. It seems too personal for their purposes.

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Penny Dreadful 2×04 ‘Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places’: Memoirs of the devil

Juxtaposed with last week’s episode, ‘Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places’ is positively lighthearted, especially by Penny Dreadful standards. It only serves to show that this show can do it all – frightening, heartbreaking and even humorous. A change of pace is more than welcome. Read the rest at gottawatchit.com…