My newest sims (2) neighbourhood. Still a few things to finalise (namely killing a couple of sims to have two headed-by-a-teen families, thanks random family generator).

Top picture is the ‘hood before moving anyone in (sans a house I just built). The families, top to bottom, left to right:

Crumpton. Parents Devin (Popularity) and Bianca (Romance), teen Marc (Fortune), child Rebecca, toddler Thomas.

Insua. Father Colin (Family) and teen daughter Karla (Fortune).

McNair. Elder Clara (Popularity), daughter Brynn (Fortune), grandchildren Octavia, Carson, and Garet.

Vanhorn. Teen Alyssa (Popularity), child sister Vivian, toddler brother Eliot.

Chai. Teens Shing (m) (Knowledge) and Bolin (m) (Fortune), child sister Meilin (f), toddler brother Li (m).

Dalporto. Noel (Knowledge), Leila (Popularity), teen children Luke (Knowledge) and Viki (Pleasure), child Riley.

I’m going to play it as a semi-‘normal’ hood, with barely any of the rules Cresdale has (which is going to feel excessively weird). It’s more of a pseudo-Prosperity, intended to play when I want to play TS2 but don’t want to play the glitchy ‘hoods that I need to recreate (and don’t have the mental energy to do right now).

I have FRAPS loaded and ready, and will be taking screenshots as I go. Nothing major.

Depression comes in all shapes and sizes.
It cones in all ethnicities and all genders.
It comes in all religious beliefs and all sexualities.
It comes in all ages and all different professions.
And it could be anyone.
It could be your best friend who was bullied in high school.
It could be you mom who was forced to have a child instead of an abortion.
It can be your grandfather who was in world war 2.
It can be your teacher who watched their parents die.
It could be the popular girl at school who feels judged.
It could be that beautiful girl who thinks she’s not thin enough.
It could be that overweight boy who thinks he’s a mistake.
It could be that janitor who lost his wife to cancer.
It could be that lawyer who is barren.
It can be that elderly woman who’s kids won’t have anything to do with her.
It could be that actor who can easily put on a bravado for the stage but cries themselves to sleep every night because of the pressure of their grades.
It could be that 12 year old girl who feels like she was born in the wrong gender.
It can be that senior who’s parent won’t accept them for who they are.
And most of all it could be you.
It could be you who feels alone and wants out.
It could be you who screams and cries at night.
It could be you who doesn’t feel pretty enough or thin enough or good enough.
It could be you who no one cares about.
It could be you who everyone loves but it won’t matter because you don’t love yourself.
It could be you… It could be YOU.
Depression is one of the main killers everywhere.
Depression IS a disease.
And like any other disease, it won’t go down without a fight.
You have to be that doctor, surgeon, nurse, pharmacist, therapist, scientist, teacher, or friend.
Because without you, there may be no them.
—  Cara Dal Porto (Depression)