two faced pt. 2

i hope y’all like this one better

You followed Cam backstage where Nash, Hayes, and Carter were chilling out.

"Hey, you were on stage today. What’s your name again?" Nash asked as you walked in with Cam.

"Oh, uh, I’m Y/N. Hi." you smiled nervously.

"How old are you Y/N?" Hayes asked

"I’m Y/A" you told him

"Wow, you’re a little young for Cam" Hayes said. (sorry if that’s incorrect, idk y’all ages).

"Age is just a number" Cameron butted in

"And jail is just a place" Nash chuckled

"Oh shut up" Cam glared

Cam sat down on a couch and patted the seat next to him. You sat by Cam and the boys continued to ask you questions. After a while Carter, Hayes, and Nash decided to go back to their hotel. Cam stayed because you told him you couldn’t go with them. Cam continued to ask you questions, flirting with you ever so often. Your skin began to heat up as he complimented you so you decided to take off your sweatshirt. As you took it off your shirt lifted too, without you knowing. Cam looked at you and bit his lip, seeing your shirt going up so high to reveal your cheetah print bra.

"What?" you asked seeing him stare at you

"C’mon" he said, almost sounding angry. Cam grabbed your wrist and dragged you to the bathroom. You looked at him and he sighed loudly.

"Cameron are you okay?" you asked, rubbing his soldier. Cameron smirked. 

"Take it off" Cam said, looking at your cleavage. 

"Take what off?" you asked biting you lip, with a slight idea of what was going to happen.

"Your shirt. Take. It. Off." Cam ordered. You couldn’t help but grin as you slowly lifted your shirt off, swaying your hips. Cameron came close to you and brought your waist near him. Cam dragged his hands over your butt and to your legs. You immediately crashed your lips to Cam’s, his sexual smirk turned you on. Your kisses were quick and sloppy, needing more. Cam slightly cocked his head as his tongue slipped in your mouth. He began to push you against the wall, still kissing you. Cam quickly took off his shirt. He unbuttoned your jeans, and you pushed him away.

"Cam..I’m a virgin" you revealed

"Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t want to pressure you or anything." he said snapping out of his sexual mindset.

"No, I just want you to know, I won’t be as experienced or anything. I want to though." you smiled innocently, Cam grinned and you kissed him again. You pulled your jeans and shoes off showing off your cheeky black lace panties. You played with the hem of his boxers, that rose above his jeans. He pulled away to remove his jeans and shoes, you admired his abs. God, he was so fucking hot. Once his pants were off you pushed him to the wall and got on your knees. You pulled down Cam’s boxers and looked at his already hard dick. You licked your lips and kissed Cam’s thighs a few times, he groaned not wanting you to tease him. You licked the tip and slowly took his in your mouth, going deeper with each bob of your head. Cam began moaning, and stroked you head attempting to push you in further. You went as deep as you could before you gagged. You bobbed your head faster and faster as his dick twitched. You removed your mouth from his dick. "Fuck me, come in me" you begged. Cam asked to go down on you but you declined, being eaten out made you uncomfortable. Cam laid you on the ground gently and kissed your forehead. Cam aligned himself and slowly entered you, biting his lip. "God you’re so tight" Cam groaned. "I told you, virgin Mary." you giggled. Cam thrusted in slowly each time, since it was your first time. You whimpered with each thrust. "Baby, baby are you okay?" he asked. "Yeah, it just hurts a little" you smiled. "You’re so wonderful, and beautiful" Cam said. "Thanks Cam" you said as he kissed you. Cam began to go a little faster as he moaned. The twitching came back a few minutes later. "Baby girl, I’m gonna come" he told you. You nodded. You came before Cam, it wasn’t that big since it was your first time and you were in pain. Cam exhaled after he came, like a heavy weight had been lifted. You both changed in silence. "Well, it was nice meeting you Cam" you said, getting ready to leave figuring he just wanted to have sex. "Wait," he grabbed your wrist "what’s your number? I want to take you on a date" he smiled. You gave Cam your number and a kiss goodbye as you parted ways. When you got in the car to tell your friend what had happened, you got a text. Cam: I had fun, princess. Dinner tomorrow?’

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Masking Up - The Enforcer

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