anonymous said:

Who are your top 10 favourite slenderverse artists?

Oh gosh that’s a tricky question… I’ll just recommend 10;
Proxyjackspicer, azureshark, mathmaticalcat, theshippingturtle, paradoxal-event,
dality, tickity, bebalbop, loutrart, and avianfeline.

But believe me, there sure as hell are more than 10 amazing slenderverse artists out there~

lusthartstrongandwill said:

Lust had invited daliti to her home within the cliff face that he had taken him before. She had left the large door open for him to come in. (Is that ok?)

Datil then walked in through the door, shivering from how cold it was.

dality said:

oh gawd damnit Jack, I'm so sorry for these horrible things happening in your life. I would really take you in if I didn't live in Russia, 'cause I've got enough room to take a guest in. I feel so terrible just because I can't help D: Hold on, my dear, all thing shall pass. Trust me.

im trying,thank you