Like can you just imagine Larry going to work one night, and like it snows so hard that he just gets snowed in. 

So like, he’s stuck in the museum for a whole day with nothing do, everyone is still asleep obviously, and like there’s no power so he has nothing to do, so he just spends the whole day 

a.) Sleeping in his office because he is seriously sleep deprived 

and then

b.) He gets bored and decides to walk to the parts of the museum he hardly goes to, I mean the place is literally gigantic, and maybe he makes like a super cool discover, like something he knew was there but never really went to check out, like the annual butterfly exhibit or whatever, and he thinks it’s really cool so like that night he drags Ahkmenrah there because like he had to show off his new discovery and the pharaoh just laughs because he thinks Larry is just so adorable when he’s excited and also the room is really awesome and they spend like all night there, just looking around, and maybe Jed and Tavi will join them and like try to ride a butterfly (that would be awesome) and it would be really cute and romantic and adorable.