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Doctor Who Extra - Into the Dalek

Peter Capaldi talks about his first encounter with the Daleks, plus we ask Jenna Coleman and Samuel Anderson about their onscreen romance.

I see Beauty... A Star Born [Spoilers]

Apart from a new character who’s been introduced to us, and a Dalek who was examined by the Doctor, what else did we get to see? I have written something before about the chemistry between Clara and the Doctor and how I would want for them to be together, or at least an ending similar to that of Rose in which Clara obtains her own doctor. Danny Pink changes a few things, doesn’t he? Let’s talk about the Dalek’s comments on beauty and life. [real talk and spoilers below]

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Doctor Who Review: Into the Dalek


All those years ago, when I began, I was just running. I called myself the Doctor, but it was just a name. But then I went to Skaro. And then I met you lot. And I understood who I was. The Doctor was not the Daleks.

Daleks are pretty amazing really, aren’t they?

They’re one of the most enduring concepts in fiction of the 20th Century - there aren’t a great many things which could claim to have had such an impact upon the zeitgeist, or such an impact to their presence.

They started out as Nazi metaphors, but they’ve outlived that. They have a new relevance. Daleks are creatures of hatred; they’re twisted mirrors which show our own propensity for cruelty and evil. 

Daleks are far more than just another Doctor Who monster. They’re the perennial threat, there since the start, all those years ago, when it began. To use them simply as monsters shooting and killing, whilst a lot of fun, is something of a waste. They can be a lot more - they are a lot more.

Into the Dalek is a lot more.

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