I have just been informed by my toddler that she wants a Doctor Who/Phineas and Ferb Crossover birthday party this year...

I’ve got 2 months to figure out a back-story and plan the party.  So far we’ve decided that the Doctor gets thrown into an alternate dimension which turns out to be Danville, and he teams up with Phineas and Ferb to fix the Tardis. Meanwhile Dr. Doofenshmirtz is making Daleks, or something, and Perry has to foil his evil plan…

Now…how do I translate this into kids birthday party material like cake, decorations, and other snacks?

Showing a rather shocking disregard for the long-term safety of human civilization, Microsoft has become one of the first companies to deploy autonomous robot security guards. Dubbed the K5, Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus was being policed last week by five of these roughly human-sized 300-pound (136 kg) robots, each equipped with enough cameras, sensors, artificial intelligence, and alarms that they can replace most human security patrols. Fortunately, despite looking like uncomfortably like a Dalek from the Doctor Who universe, the K5 is not (yet) equipped with a ray gun or any other method for harming or detaining humans. [x]

Harper Collins’ Doctor Who: The Secret Lives of Monsters available early at New York Comic Con! 

Our friends at Harper Collins have a new book coming out on October 28th, but it’ll be available early (and with a free tote bag) at their New York Comic Con booth, #2118! 

A unique, in-depth look into the hidden lives and mysteries of the monsters from the hit BBC series Doctor Who—a fully illustrated color compendium that reveals proof of the existence of alien life out there and among us, packaged with removable artwork commissioned exclusively for the book.

Packed with iconic photographs, eyewitness accounts, diagrams and illustrations, and sixteen removable color prints, The Secret Lives of Monsters offers background details on a diverse range of alien species—including planetary and genetic origins, habits, social organization, and first human contact. If you want to know why the Sontaran’s probic vent is his weak point or what it is used for; how Daleks reproduce; or how to determine whether your best friend is a Zygon, the answers—as well as everything you need to know to survive future invasions—are here in The Secret Lives of Monsters.

Can’t make it to New York Comic Con? Preorder a copy now right here!