Avengers 34.1. It’s a story that focuses on Hyperion, whose origin is very Earth-2-Superman-y. He’s struggling to find a place that works with who he feels he is, who he was, what he has been taught, and the morals and customs of Earth (616), which he now calls home. It’s wonderful and I enjoyed immensely. The focus is something that’s been on my mind a lot recently, how to fix problems at their root, without ignoring the symptoms. The bigger the problems, the deeper the roots, the more likely that the symptoms are hurting people and cannot be ignored. It’s a balance between reactive and proactive action and an understanding that “the whole is made up of many parts. Some lost, that must be restored. Some broken, that must be mended. Some yet to release their potential, that must be guided.” Many times those parts can suffer and be lost when focused solely on the “whole” variable of (I’ve no better term for this) the greater good equation. #hyperion #marvelcomics #avengers #greatergood #alewing #dalekeown #normanlee #jasonkeith