Monsters of D&D - Newlithid Warmachine


The next step in Illithid evolution is merely another chapter in the dark history of the Mind Flayers.  Few scholars have delved deep into their obscure lore and came out sane.  But, the lore that has surfaced proclaims that Mind Flayers were once like humans, before they had the desire to turn themselves into “the perfect beings.”  Somewhere along the process, something went wrong and they became horrors we had seen today.  But to them, they saw the process as evolution in action.  However, this wasn’t enough for much of the population, they wanted to go further.  Those who didn’t agree with this notion left their homeland, only to be stranded within the D&D multiverse! 

The remainder of the species found ways to artificially produce what they called “the Master Race.”  Their new forms were even more powerful, despite their compromised defenses.  To make up for this, the “New-lithids” crafted mechanical shells equipped with some of the strongest death weapons known to all reality!  Woe to those who should ever encounter these great beasts, for their near-unbreakable armor and destructive super-weapons make them a terrifying foe.  If they were to discover realities beyond their own, not only would they exterminate their “lesser” Mind Flayer brethren but, they would destroy all life that is non-Newlithid.

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