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Doctor Who 01X06 Dalek

I’ve always wanted to talk about this episode since it has always been one of my favorites, for a number of reasons.

1. This was the first time a Dalek appeared in the 2005 series.

At the time I hadn’t seen any classic Who, so I knew nothing about the Daleks and this episode served as an introduction to the Doctor’s main enemy, what do they want and how dangerous they really are.

2. Mentions of the Time War

Up until that point, there have only been a couple of mentions of the Time War, but nothing really substantial about it. In Dalek we get the first actual information about the Time War and the Doctor’s role in it.

3.The fury of the Time Lord

This was the Doctor right after the Time War, and I’ve always loved the ninth Doctor because of how he behaved silly most of the time but you knew that underneath that laid fire and rage, and we see that in this episode, in one of the few (if not the only) times that the Doctor tries to kill something out of cruelty and rage and hate. And it is also one of only two episodes where we see a Dalek refusing to kill (the second being 7 seasons later in the season 8 episode Into the Dalek). I mean the Dalek did kill over 200 people but that’s a normal afternoon when you’re a Dalek, what’s remarkable is how he refused to kill Rose Tyler and Van Statten. It is also worth to note that this episode shows exactly the effect Rose Tyler had on the Doctor, especially in contrast with the season 3 episode Daleks in Manhattan, in both episodes the Doctor faces a Dalek that is the last of its kind, (in Daleks in Manhattan it was Dalek Caan). In Dalek the Doctor immediately tries to kill the dalek and continues trying until Rose stops him, while in Daleks in Manhattan the Doctor shows Dalek Caan mercy as killing him would be genocide since he was the last of his kind.

4. A Dalek having an existential crisis

This is something that never happened again, and I’m pretty sure it never happened before. I mean Daleks did question themselves again later on (Dalek Caan in Journey’s End and Rusty in Into the Dalek) but not in the same way, or at least, it wasn’t portrayed as well. In this episode, after the Dalek absorbs Rose Tyler’s DNA and having it mixed with his own, finds himself experiencing emotions the like of which are outside his (and any Dalek’s) experience. I mean imagine that you don’t even know what feelings are, then 30 minutes after learning that your entire race got destroyed, you start to experience feelings for the first time. The mix of fear and hate and anger and sorrow and loss are probably the first thing you’ll feel, and that’s enough to drive anyone mad in a situation like that. But it doesn’t stop there, after experiencing Rose Tyler’s fear the Dalek starts to feel empathy, and is unable to kill her, then she was able to talk it out of killing Van Statten. The Dalek is confused by all those emotions and starts to question itself and everything it has always believed, leading it to feel self loathing for it is no longer ‘pure’ by the standards of the Dalek, which caused him to commit suicide. Which is another thing, while Daleks did destroy themselves again several times in the rest of the series, this was the only time a Dalek committed suicide, not self destruct.

5. And other awesome moments like this

    and this

    And this

and many more. The thing about this episode is that it’s the sixth episode in the revived series and a lot of things that are mentioned in it are very meaningful throughout all the following seasons (up to season 7 anyway) and especially in the Day of the Doctor. When I first watched this episode it was just another episode to me, but when I rewatched it after seeing the Day of the Doctor it took a whole new meaning. It was like I saw the Doctor and what he did in the Time War in the Day of the Doctor, and then I saw what it made of him in Dalek.