We also have an e-book of this now! The Growling Mouth by Adam Gnade

Available now!

$5 for the print version, $3 for the ebook


I’ve had this zine for a month or two now, but somehow forgot it even existed until I was rooting through boxes of miscellaneous stuff, looking for something else entirely. I didn’t wind up finding what I had initially set out for, but I’m glad I found this.

"The Growling Mouth is one of the best novellas (or really pieces of writing in general) that I’ve read in a really long time. The imagery that Gnade manages to seamlessly stuff into every sentence is astounding. Following two different, but interconnected stories, The Growling Mouth makes me feel like I’m riding in the middle seat of a worn out pickup truck traveling through the Midwest while “1979” by The Smashing Pumpkins plays quiet through the tinny speakers — a strangle feeling that everything might just turn out alright after all… But maybe not.

"This novella pummeled me, staring into the growling mouth myself, and I’ll definitely be reading it again. And soon. One of Gnade’s best.

"You can get this novella (and several other of Gnade’s work) from the folks over at Pioneer’s Press. I can’t recommend it enough." -Dakota Floyd

So, I have a decent few things happening over the next couple months with my solo project.  Because of this, I have created a Facebook page specifically for my music stuff.  Click through to get to it.

Listen to this rad live split I did with some of my favorite people. Woooop. It has D-Flo (he’s in the Wild. You like them, right?) and my good buddy Mike Strain (he has songs released over on http://mikestrain.bandcamp.com/). It was my first set with a violinist, and it sounded sooo good.

One of the last stops on our tour was in Atlanta, the show was booked by the lovely Dakota Floyd.  He made a mouth watering use what ya got version of ratatouille that satiated all of my stomachs nutritional desires in addition to wooing my taste buds.  Wonderroot is a really cool space and its a few blocks away from a Cafe/Dog park.  Atlanta does it right.  Also on the bill were Night Witch, Rat Ship and Diamond Thief.  Night Witch is a super rad hardcore band from tallahassee,  they cast spells that involve a lot of tasty jams.  Rat Ship is a sweet shreddy band from West Virginia and they were all super nice,  The bass player actual took this video of Nüd Dood.  Diamond thief were the only local band on the show and I thought they were pretty awesome, kinda folky fast punk.   

Night Witch ( http://nightwitchfl.bandcamp.com/)

Nüd Dood (http://nuddood.bandcamp.com/)

Rat Ship (https://ratship.bandcamp.com/album/been-ruptured)

Diamond Thief ( http://diamondthief.bandcamp.com/ )

We just found FOUR copies of The Country Grind Quarterly we didn't know we had. FREE to the next four people who order issue number 3!

Issue #3 of The Country Grind Quarterly, available here for $2.

"The Country Grind is a quarterly newspaper that is written by and for rural punks. If the Foxfire books and the Slingshot! newspaper got together and had a fling over some homemade muscadine wine, this would be their love child.

This is a neat little newspaper. There are a bunch of articles pertaining to country livin’, making stuff, and fixing things. And it’s free for punx with rural addresses! Get into it.” —Dakota Floyd

New members kinda

So we are using this space to welcome two new(not really) members of the band. First we are stoked to say the busiest dude in Diy punk Mr. Dakota Floyd has taken a more active role in the band. We have been writing new songs with him and playing lots of shows and it has been really rad. Everyone check out his other bands The Wild, and Dad Party(best name).
We are also way pumped to say Chase McElroy has rejoined the band. Chase was our bassist for like 3 years. We have always stayed friends with him and can not wait to start writing and playing with him again.

Now with all those things being said we are taking a step back from playing so many shows. We have one show in April (This One) and probably will not start playing again til June. We hope to do a little touring this summer, and the idea is to get our new 7” Constant Compromise out by August.

anonymous asked:

you reblog alot of good music, could you recommend some good bands to listen to ?

cold electrics, up up down down left right left right b a start, chineke, of stalwart fads, algernon cadwallader, oh my god elephant, little kingdoms, rainbow tornado, i wrote haikus about cannibalism in your yearbook, delta sleep, team sleep, the sounds of animals fighting, minus the bear, matt and kim, slingshot dakota, phantogram, radiohead, pink floyd, migos, michael jackson

Only SEVEN copies left of this and then they're gone for good!


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"The Country Grind is a quarterly newspaper that is written by and for rural punks. If the Foxfire books and the Slingshot! newspaper got together and had a fling over some homemade muscadine wine, this would be their love child." —Dakota Floyd, The Wild

I played a show with a bunch of friends last Sunday. Someone recorded it.

If you wanna hear me play some songs a little bit too fast and sing a little bit off-key, you can now do so! Also on this page is the first We Few show with violin and some new songs by one of my favorite songwriters, Mike Strain.  If nothing else, you should download this to hear their stuff. Thanks to Under the Couch and everyone else involved in making this a fun show!


Me playing a song at last night’s show.  I get sidetracked at the end because my voice cracks.  Oh the joys of being sick.

Thanks Chris!