[HD PV] Yamashita Tomohisa - Daite Senorita (English Subs)

translation: mustachySUBS (aka onest4r)

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I haven’t listened to this song in SO LONG. There was a time when I was addicted to it along with the absolutely attractive Yamapi. I wonder how life is growing up as a child celebrity O-o I wonder what Yamapi is doing now O-o I should get updated on all those boy bands I used to like :Phehehe


Either ways I was actually searching for the translation for Sawarenai by Arashi or Yamapi. The only line I understand from that is do not touch my heart…wanted to know what it all meant aside from that. Instead I ended up listening to this song I haven’t listened to in a long time :) I should learn Japanese. Now that I know quite a lot of Korean I guess it should be sorta easier… ?!?!? hehe


Seiko Matsuda - Daite… (LIVE)


chris evans. he is just the kid from boston.

amelioratedays replied to your post: i’m so sorry i keep getting nostalgic …

Jin is honestly one of my most iffy biases ever because you honestly see the best and worst in him at once and MILLIE THIS IS NOT HELPING MY FEELS

YES, i feel like that’s especially apparent in how cocky and mean he was bc it was very endearing and why we all liked him BUT at the same time that’s exactly what made him want to go solo :-( sometimes i watch that car shrimp video and think about how NOTHING HAS CHANGED since he’s still doing dumb engrish things but at the same time nothing is the same :-(