Hello! In case you don’t know me, I’m Maria and if you’re on this list you make my dash very happy. If you’re not, I probably hate you or i’m too stupid to remember everyone I follow. Anyways, yay thanks! xx


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anonymous asked:

Hello again Lovely, just your rss dropping in to see how you're doing. How is your weekend going? I just feel like I need to ask. Is this a side blog, or is this your main one? I'm honestly just curious, there are a lot of people who have side blogs. Are there other shows you enjoy watching? Excited for the two hour episode tonight?

Hello. :D

My weekend was exhausting, and I’m pretty sure I’m coming down with a cold (that always happens when I go to the mall. I’m fragile and I swear germs can sense it), but all in all it was pretty good! Did a lot Christmas shopping. That’s always fun.

Yup, this is a side blog. My main blog is daisysteiners. At one point it was in danger of being taken over by Rumbelle, so I made this one… partly because I have a couple of thousand followers on my main blog and I didn’t feel comfortable posting my doodles there (I know a lot of people can see my stuff in the tracked tags anyway, but it’s different when they follow me? Idk, it makes me feel more self-conscious for some reason).

Oh man, I watch a ton of shows. Most of them are listed here, but my favorite currently-airing shows are Orange is the New Black (♥), In the Flesh, The Walking Dead, My Mad Fat Diary, Game of Thrones, and American Horror Story. The Office (US) is my all-time favorite. It always cheers me up. I’ve rewatched it a ridiculous amount of times, deleted scenes included. :’)

Hope you had a good weekend, Santa!

anonymous asked:

Which blogs you think you followed first when you created your own?

wow,interesting question, this is hard hmmmm, but I follow a couple people here for a long long time, 2/3 years so maybe tempellapbt1luvthevikingalexanderssskarsbrowdaisysteinerssteelthornss, skarsgardfans, himeskarsgardaddict, queenhaq, switchbladekillerifoundsammysshoemametupastillhiddenhenricavyllimnotfromsweden and deniblogginstuff (did look to my list of people who I follow and they were the first ones so I may be correct lol)

I feel like I follow these people since forever and even without TB I dont think I stop follow them