I know I’ve talked a lot about weaning Daisy lately, but honestly, I don’t think that it’s going to happen anytime soon. I love the bond that we have through breastfeeding, that we just didn’t have at the times when I couldn’t feed her. 

Even whilst I was pregnant, I thought I would wean Daisy as soon as she could ask for it. I thought that as soon as she was a toddler, my milk wouldn’t make a difference to her any more and I would stop and give her another milk. I was so pro-breastfeeding, I would argue with anyone who told me that I wouldn’t want to breastfeed once she was here, or that I would find it too hard and give up, so is it really any wonder that people who don’t understand how great breastfeeding can be for toddlers are so “against” it? 

So here it is:
As Daisy is turning into that every rough and tumble toddler that we all love, my milk is changing for her too. It’s still so full of nutrients, in fact, it her second year 448ml of breastmilk (about how much she drinks in a day) contains:

- 29% of energy requirements 
-43% of protein requirements
- 36% of calcium requirements
- 75% of vitamin A requirements
- 76% of folate requirements 
- 94% of vitamin b12 requirements
- 60% of vitamin C requirements 
- (Dewey 2001)

Also, according to the World Health Organization, “a modest increase in breastfeeding rates could prevent up to 10% of all deaths in children under five: Breastfeeding plays an essential and sometimes underestimated role in the treatment and prevention of childhood illness" As a mother who has experienced a child on deaths door, I know how really important this is. Breastfeeding literally saves lives. How? 

Upon breastfeeding, a mother is not only passing on so much nourishment to her child, but she is also feeding her baby with so very valuable antibodies. All of the antibodies that she has, and any that her body makes when she comes into contact with a virus, will be passed through to her child in her milk. At the tender age of just one year old, a baby has a immune system that is only functioning at 60% of it’s capacity. By now your little one will be coming into contact with lots of different viruses every day, as they begin to explore the world around them more and more, so why not continue to help them with the protection that you can give to them? 

There are literally so many more things that I could list off that could explain to you why breastfeeding your toddler is such a great thing to do, including so many benefits for mamas (helping to prevent and reduce the risks of cancer, delaying menstration and weight loss just to name a few), making your kid smarter (research has shown that longer breastfed children are more likely to have higher IQ’s) and the fact that I have never had to use a dummy/paci and my child can drink straight from cups or water bottles but at the end of the day, one small post on Tumblr only seen by a handful of people isn’t going to help educate people about the benefits of breastfeeding past infancy. 

What can? You. 
Talk about it. 
Nurse in public. 
Don’t be ashamed and hold your head up high. 

Us nursing mothers are the only thing that can change people’s opinions now, we have the science, but people need to see that this is normal. People need to see that this a thing that so many families do, they need to see that it is the norm. 

Keep calm ladies, and carry on breastfeeding. 

The source for any of my info can be found here:


I started reading the Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori yesterday, and was highlighting important things for Drew to read later on, and Daisy became really interested watching me.

I gave her a piece of paper and the pen and she drew all that you can see on that last photo, with no assitance at all.

She was so pleased with herself that she asked for milk afterwards and wanted a big cuddle!

Little squidge had an awesome day out at her ECMO party.

She ran around with all of the other children, playing with balloons and bursting bubbles. She spent time playing outside, jumping in puddles and got soaking wet, so had to spend half of the party bare foot.

We talked to the family of a little girl who was on ECMO at the same time as Daisy, but didn’t get to see any of her nurses {she has an appointment up there next week, so may see them then!}

She was so tired that she fell asleep within 30 seconds of me putting her into the ring sling, no exaggerations!



Daisy has never bathed alone. Not once in her year since residing out of my womb has she been alone in the bath. In our house, baths are always fun. We are always doing some sort of activity or another and there is always the opportunity to learn.

When she was very small, she would spend all of her time cuddled up against me, latched on to my breast as I washed her hair unsure of the whole experience. As she grew, so did the fun and nowdays she spends most of her time at the other end of the tub playing with whatever we have in with us, but I still value our time in the bath, or the shower, together as a great way to bond. I’m sure that even when our breastfeeding relationship is over, you will still be able to find us having a cheeky splash about together.


- Drew’s mama is away for the weekend visiting her brother so we have the house to ourselves again. Yay.

- We went to the shop first thing this morning and I already feel cleaner having good food in the house.

- Daisy’s rash has nearly gone and she actually just ate a third of her lunch. Thank god!

- We went out last night. So much happened that I have to make a whole seperate post about it.


Chalkwell Beach for World Oceans Day!

As we arrived at the beach yesterday (9/06/14) the tide was just beginning to go out. Brilliant! Means we had so much more space to search for sea creatures and to explore.

Daisy got well and truly muddy, but she had so much fun playing with all the sea snails, crabs and baby fish in some of the small little rock pools that we found that she didn’t even seem to mind that much for once!

We had our lunch on the grass past the sea wall just as the sun started to come out some more and I ended up getting burnt even with my factor 50 on! Oops!

It was a great warm up for our camping trip this weekend with all of our friends, I literally cannot wait to go away now!

We’ve had a busy morning, so unsuprisingly Daisy is already taking a nap before one in the afternoon.

She was up early and now that Drew is slowly regaining daddy duties, he took her and let me sleep for a while longer. When I got up, she wanted to play in the garden and with the sun already beating down on us, we lathered on the sun lotion, got out the pavement chalks and topped up her sand and water table.

We have plans to play with Jemma and Josie a little later when they get to her mum’s house, so we’re hanging around for a little while Daisy naps and Drew dozes.