January 12, 2014.

There are a few moments that still make me smile every time I think about them. This is one of those few. 

After years of practice (concert going, that is) I have finally mastered the skill of working my way to the front row. And just in time for 8123, where The Maine is the front band. I had a great view, thus great pictures. These are a few from my favorites. All taken by my phone (and edited with VSCO Cam) because a dslr is just too big (of a hassle) to bring to concerts. But nothing could compare to the memories. Nothing. 

I know that I’m bad with my memory, but moments like these I never forget. 

8123, means everything to me.


Bazooka Rocks 3

My 3rd year at Bazooka Rocks was amazing! They’ve improved greatly, having more gimmicks like free neon face paint, a charging station, zombies roaming the venue and they brought back the big slide and animal rides! 

I went to Day 1 only since I wasn’t a big fan of the Day 2 bands. I finally got to see Taking Back Sunday and The Used which never have I ever thought I’d see live. They’re the old bands that made up my preteen years. 

This gave me one of the worst post concert hangovers I’ve ever had. My right ear was a bit deaf for almost 3 days and my I listened to my Taking Back Sunday playlist for over a month! 

The best part was when TBS played Make Damn Sure and Flicker Fade. There’s this thing that happens to me when I go to concerts, its when I just lose myself in a song and its kind of like a solo moshpit but more headbanging and dancing and not actually hurting anyone (or at least I try not to) and I’ve always fantasized about doing it in my head whenever those 2 songs played and it was just so surreal when it finally happened in real life. The build up to the drop, and the drop felt so good it took me to another dimension. 

Another one for the books!


An Adventure at Caleruega

One of the things you experience as a Thomasian Senior is the retreat at Caleruega. We spent 3 days there in complete isolation. I say this because getting cellular reception was a bitch but I didn’t mind that much. It was nice to get away. 

The place is beautiful! And as I am a lover of adventure, Caleruega captivated me. Especially the hanging bridge.