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The audience would cry every time she sings this… amazing.

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Omg @belledy_ I just went total fan girl of him speaking Japanese daisuki dayo zutto issho ni iyou. I love you let’s stay together forever 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #korean #japanese #kevinwoo #ukiss #cute #kawaii #kiyomi #gwiyomi #zuttoisshoniiyou #letsstaytogetherforever #aishiteru #daisukidayo #daisuki

you know, when you understand everything, and your world just opens up, and suddenly you’re just happy.
That feeling is bliss.
and then you go and screw t up only a few days later with only a couple weeks left to go hahaha

daisukidayo... (i love you) eng. trans.. ai otsuka

summer of 2007 when i first fell in love with the song.. here’s the eng. trans… i think you have to watch the MV….

I love you

It seems a waste
To reminisce about you
Because i want to keep you mine and mine alone.
I don’t really wanna remember you
I mean, it’s embarassing
Grinning to myself.
Eventhough you were late coming home
Tired from a late night
You picked me up in your arms
Even in my dreams, i knew it.

I miss you so
I couldn’t feel anymore helpless
I miss you so
I’ll always love you.

Did you know,
What i wished for
That night
When we went for a drive?
Did you know,
That i saw our happiness
In the sky we looked up at together?
You took this one ‘me’ laying there
Made her beautiful and were always there for me.
I miss you so
I don’t wanna be any further away from you
I miss you so
I’ll always love you.

I miss you so
I couldn’t feel anymore helpless
I miss you so
I’ll always love you.

I will always, always and forever
I will always love you. la la la.

RT @jun_daisukidayo ちんこをカップ数に例えるとこんな感じらしいです

140818「Event Report」AOA, BOYFRIEND performance!a-nation4 days,「Asia Progress ~Departure~」~

While the audience is dyed by light of the penlights of various colors, was the performance  from the lively boys group in Korea ·BOYFRIEND.

A fusion of strong presence being created with personality and skills by each of the six, enough to let you feel at the small stage of Yoyogi National Stadium first gymnasium.

The voice of joy was increased by the kiss Youngmin threw for the second song called 「Brand New Day」.

Donghyun sang [Let It Go] for his self-introduction, the audience was filled with the best smiles.

Having decided well the name of the group from the feeling that wants to be a lover of the listeners, with the experience of live broadcasting as a date.

The date was filled with a lot of pounding excitement by the members and having a happy ending with such words as 「Aishiteru」and「Daisukidayo」(meaning I love you).

Cr: korepo | Trans by me ;D

It sound s like a really great performance *o* that kiss was for me… even if I wasn’t there hahaha 

You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to.

Put your music on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come up. Then tag 10 people (or however many you’d prefer)! Don’t skip any songs! (now with youtube links!)

  1. Allies and Axies - World Ondo (I WASN’T EXPECTING THIS ONE TO PLAY)
  2. Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Why are all the weird songs I have coming up now) 
  3. Journey - Any Way Wou Want It
  4. Greenday - Oh Love
  5. Queen - Somebody to love
  6. APH Italy (Namikawa Daisuke) - Oyu o Hito Wakashi Shiyou
  7. Hatsune Miku - Eh? Ah, Sou (Acoustic Spanish Dub version)
  8. IA - Lost Time Memory
  9. Poison - Nothing But a Good Time
  10. Otsuka Ai - Daisukidayo

I lost half an hour of my lifetime doing this thanks to pam-lovesdeadpool!! Thank ya <3 

I’m tagging bloodymaru, porunareffu, godtiering, kaffe-er-bedre, theeoneandonlyqueen, wahnsinn-ist-das-leben (lo siento xD), wonderland-madness (no me mates muhehe), thecrimsongirl, nintenlover (casi te olvidoo ;w;), aaaaaand chubbydoitsu

Os ha tocado, ahora os aguantáis ««««33333

Good luck~